Thursday, 22 August 2019

If it works......

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If it works:
  • don't make it better
  • keep doing it

Sometimes, I forget these. Well, often I forget them. Okay, frequently I forget them.

But I was thinking about these two 'principles' recently, in connection with having a better life. Specifically to do with diet and exercise, and also skin care.

So, basically, these two mean that if we keep doing whatever it is, that works for us, we will be able to just maintain. Meaning that we look and feel good, and keep on being that way. And feeling good, it helps, it really does help, in life. Not just emotionally feeling good, or thinking good thoughts about oneself, but also our bodies feeling good. Because once we feel physically good, we don't like to do things that make us feel a bit yuk. Well, just talking for myself, and from observing other people.

Sometimes, when I'm not feeling great physically, I go looking for a 'miracle cure', so to speak. You know, the latest diet craze, the miracle skin products (which I don't buy, anyway), what's the latest and greatest on the yoga scene. Which I seldom agree with anyway. So weird what we do.

And then I remember: it honestly is not about the money, it's about

  • finding out what works for you 
  • maintaining what works
  • consistency is how we maintain. Meaning doing things over and over. I mean, we do things over and over that don't work, and we always get the same useless result. So why not do the opposite: find out what does work, and just keep doing it for a great result. 

I wish I'd always kept up with daily walking

When I was a mum of young children, whether it was my first two, or, much later, my third child, I (we) had to walk and catch buses for quite a long time. Talk about keeping my weight stable, and my health good. But then, in both instances, life dictated that I had to go to work: instant stress driving long distances, organising school for children, etc, etc. I was so busy and stressed that there was no time for walking. I ate rubbish on-the-run because there wasn't time to sort myself out with food. And then, wonder of wonders, I simply couldn't understand why I suddenly put on some weight. More than the not walking, it was the stress and the awful eat-on-the-run, which are what always affects my weight.

I wish that I'd just kept doing the same old skin care

When I was a young mum, I used a natural oil on my slightly wet face, for a moisturiser. Just a few drops. Instant glowing skin. Now that is so 'in'. Why did I ever stop? And, because I didn't use much make-up, I used a special facial soap. Now, I think of these soaps (it was Shisheido, which is somewhat expensive) as a luxury.  About that time, back in the Days of Yore,  I met an old aunt-in-law who had the most amazing complexion. She had only ever used a wee bit of olive oil on her face each day.

I now use rosehip oil about every second night. Because I love the smell of roses. And it suits me. So I've been doing it since it became the latest and greatest. And for my body. I prefer soaps to those chemically charged body washes. So, I buy sandalwood or rose. I'm glad that I've kept doing this. It feels so special to use those lovely smells.

I often ask women who look fantastic about their make-up and skin care. Yes, I know. What a nosy person. And I'm always reminded that these women do the same things over and over everyday, using the same products every day. And not many products either. They just find out what works best and simply keep on doing it. Whether it's a moisturiser from the supermarket, or the chemist, a foundation, whatever. And the best part of being like this is, we don't end up having lots of products floating around, cluttering up our life.

Which is why, when I mysteriously do end up with extra 'goodies' such as face creams, perfumes, and always as gifts, I simply use them instead to reduce bathroom clutter. I thoroughly enjoy the change, then it's back to the old faithfuls.


  1. I have never even heard of rosehip oil, Ratnamurti. That is something I might investigate myself!
    Margaret P

  2. It's really nice, Margaret. A friend puts a couple of drops in her palm with a tiny bit of water, then puts it on her face before her moisturiser, which I'm now doing too.


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