Saturday, 18 January 2014

the 2 crucial elements for change

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A Yogic principle

The two crucial elements for change, well, for anything really, according to yoga, are that we need energy & consciousness. 

To make it really simple, we need:

  • to do something 
  • & we need the mind, or awareness aspect, also. 

These are 2 very important yogic principles.


When we just do, whatever, without awareness, or, without knowing what we're doing, well, we end up with scattered energy. We expend a lot of energy, or doing, which can be 'all over the place'. 

This strangely enough doesn't create a good energy. We can lose a lot of energy, or doing-power, following this route. We get tired. And we simply really don't know what we're doing.


And if we put a lot of mental energy into something without actually doing anything concrete, then, nothing really happens. We are just imagining it. 

I think that this is one of my 'issues' with greedily visualisating to get what we want, but not doing anything about it. No, that's not quite true: the greed aspect, that's what I'm not impressed with.

We need both elements: the physical act of doing, & the mental act of awareness. 

Awareness, mindful

In the awareness area we can sort out what to do. This makes sense. We can keep our mind on what we're doing too whilst we carry out our plans.

They are a duo

How it works in yoga, is that we become aware that consciousness & energy work together, side by side. 

When we allow this to become part of our life, this in turn creates a special energy inside of us, a  more enduring & relaxed energy. 

We have a vast reservoir of energy inside of us, & with You Are Unique we are going to  learn how to let it flow, how to let it develop & grow. 

Also, with these 2 aspects working side by side, our awareness increases. We get smarter. More 'knowing'. It creates a completion in the personality.

How to start

So, how do we start with this? Simply by us having relaxed focus on what ever's happening. Relaxed, not intense 'cutting edge' awareness. That's exhausting & silly. 

If you're talking with someone, be aware of what you're saying, be aware of them. If you're, say, hammering, be aware of what your hammer is aiming for. Have some commonsense with this. 

Some people get so focused on themselves that it all turns into 'it's all about me!'. Not a good look.

Whenever the awareness wanders, as it will, this is what happens & is how the mental aspect works, gently bring the awareness back to what you're doing. Don't try to stop your thoughts etc....we have a gazillion thoughts stirring around inside of us...we cannot stop them....let them flow, but.....have relaxed awareness on what is happening.

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