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eating unique on a budget

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How to eat well on a budget

It's all very well & good being given advice about the latest & greatest in skincare, make-up, gyms, clothes & diet......but....who can afford all that? Especially as the latest & greatest can, & does, regularly change.

I found an interesting article about substituting healthy foods for foods which give similar effects, but also cost less. Which I rather like the idea of. So here are some ideas, some of which are my own tricks:

Trail Mix/snack

  • small baggies of dry cereal (use plastic snack bags)
  • another is about 8 walnut halves & a small box of raisins (kids snack size)
  • or combine the above two, add extra cereal & make up a few baggies

Protein drink                 

  • use milk, add 1/4 cup skim milk powder for about double the protein of the milk
  • whizz it in the blender, add a dash of vanilla & you have a smoothie.


  • porridge 
  • or 2 breakfast biscuits
  • or 2 weetbix

Porridge with chia seeds  

  • chia seeds bulk up the protein but especially add fibre & healthy fats
  • use oatbran instead, Homebrand make a good & really cheap oatbran
  • you can also cook porridge in milk or milk powder to increase the protein
  • add yoghurt/milk after.


  • buy linseeds from the bulk bins, whizz them up in your coffee grinder, and store in the freezer
  • add about 1 tsp to porridge for extra healthy fats.


  • tin of sardines


  • dried prunes, great for the bowels & lots of anti-oxidants

High grain "healthy" bread  

  • mixed grain crackers like vitawheat

Broccoli, sometimes mega cheap, if not, try

  • peas
  • or grow silverbeet


  • these are nightshades which don't agree with me, so I have carrot

Nuts, instead have a small serve of: 

  • oil with a meal
  • peanut butter


  • kidney beans
  • tofu. Really cheap in Asian supermarkets

Designer soups             

  • make your own!!! so yummy & cheap
  • lentil & tomato, pumpkin, leek &  potato, pea & spinach........

Fruit/vege juice/smoothies

  •  eat the whole fruit/vege instead
  • & have a glass of water with them.

Protein bars                  

  • muesli bar
  • better still, make your own.


  • Gopals yoghurt is cheap & yummy
  • yoghurt is also easy to make, amp up the protein by adding skim milk powder


  • Choose: some cardamon, cinnamon, ginger, dash of vanilla
  • add to a teabag or 1 tsp of tea
  • brew, add some milk....yummy
  • it's ok to just use  powdered spices


  • when you cook mince, use less meat & add some lentils to the dish


  • make thin pancakes, or crepes which are more eggy
  • makes smaller wraps but are still filling & delicious

It's very empowering to make your own food, cheaper & more hygenic. You can eat well when the budget is not so big.


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