Thursday, 27 August 2015

eating unique on a budget

It's all very well & good being given advice about the latest & greatest in skincare, make-up, gyms, clothes & diet......but....who can afford all that? Especially as the latest & greatest can, & does, regularly change.

I found an interesting article about substituting healthy foods for foods which give similar effects, but also cost less. Which I rather like the idea of. So here are some ideas, some of which are my own tricks:

Trail Mix/snack             small baggies of dry cereal (use plastic snack bags)
                                      another is about 8 walnut halves & a small box of raisins (kids snack size)
                                      or combine the above two, add extra cereal & make up a few baggies

Protein drink                 use milk, add 1/4 cup skim milk powder for about double the protein of the
                                      milk. Whizz it in the blender, add a dash of vanilla & you have a smoothie.

Muesli                          porridge or 2 breakfast biscuits

Porridge with chia seeds  Chia seeds bulk up the protein but especially add fibre & healthy fats. Use
                                      oatbran instead, Homebrand make a good & really cheap oatbran, & cook
                                      in milk or milk powder to increase the protein, add yoghurt/milk after.

LSA                              buy linseeds from the bulk bins, whizz them up in your coffee grinder &
                                     store in the freezer. Add about 1 tsp to porridge for extra healthy fats.

Salmon                         tin of sardines

Blueberries                   dried prunes....great for the bowels & lots of anti-oxidants

High grain "healthy" bread  mixed grain crackers like vitawheat

Broccoli                        sometimes mega cheap, if not, try peas, or grow silverbeet

Capsicum                      these are nightshades which don't agree with me, so I have carrot.

Nuts                              a small serve of: oil with a meal; peanut butter

Chicken                        kidney beans

Designer soups             make your own!!! so yummy & cheap: lentil & tomato, pumpkin, leek &                                              potato, pea & spinach........

Fruit/vege juice/smoothies  eat the whole fruit/vege instead, & have a glass of water with them.

Protein bars                  muesli bar...better still, make your own.

Yoghurt                        Gopals yoghurt is cheap & yummy. Also easy to make...amp up the protein
                                     by adding skim milk powder.

Chai                              Choose: some cardamon, cinnamon, ginger, dash of vanilla, add to a
                                     teabag or 1 tsp of tea, brew, add some milk....yummy. It's ok to just use                                                  powdered spices.

Meat                             when you cook mince, use less meat & add some lentils to the dish

Wraps                           make thin pancakes, or crepes which are more eggy. Makes smaller
                                     wraps but are filling & delicious.

It's very empowering to make your own food, cheaper & more hygenic. You can eat well when the budget is not so big.


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