Monday, 13 June 2016

how to be chic: 30 chic days: day 2

Tuesday: my busiest day of the week.

Morning: made bed, lit incense, made coffee & did a crossword...yes, I know, it's my busy day & I shouldn't have time for this! Exercise: a few warm-ups...arm swinging, side to side, pelvic tilts, hip circles, stomach lift....& some yoga sun salutes, 4 varieties, 2x each. Bridge pose, reclining twist, reclining butterfly, cleansing then calming breaths followed by a very short meditation. It sounds a lot, but it takes no time at all. The sun was coming up, there is mist in the valley that I can see out of my window...birds....calmness yet business. Lovely. My fave time of the day. Followed by a short, brisk walk.

Food: morning coffee - 2! Smoothie - almond & coconut milk, vegan protein powder, banana, cinnamon & vanilla. I don't always have a smoothie, but my energy level is better when I do. I also put on some vegetable bits & pieces to make stock for soup & the crockpot. Morning tea with a friend was a cuppa & 3 wee scottish biscuits (cookies). Lunch was the curried lentils - again! They have turned into everlasting lentils.....I have thrown the rest out. Vege & 2 small rolls which I actually could have done without. Tea was a slice of meatloaf that I bought from a butcher, plus I cooked another slice for lunches. Potato chips cooked in oven, more silverbeet. Then....3 wee slices of shortbread....naughty moi. The 3 biscuits in the morning were ok...but the 2 rolls & 3 other bickies? non! not chic!

What I'm doing & focus: I usually teach 2 morning & 1 evening, yoga classes, on tuesdays. Sometimes I might just do 2, but either way there's quite a bit of travel involved, & my focus for the day is mainly on the people who come to the classes. Sometimes I'll go somewhere on my way home from the morning classes, but only if it's on my way. And I endeavour to pace myself on tuesdays so that I have even energy throughout the day & evening. I seem to have spent all afternoon sorting out washing & such, & doing some food shopping, which I tend to do quite often, parisienne style....sort of, because today was just a village butcher & a wee supermarket.

What I wore: casual, patterned, black & white, slightly baggy pants, a royal blue long sleeved tee shirt, & black ballet shoes. A black pseudo-rib woollen poncho, which is so warm.

I received a lovely comment from Fiona which I can't figure out how to respond to, so I shall respond now: thanks Fiona. Love your How to be Chic blog.

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  1. Ooh, I love that you light incense in the morning. I usually light it late afternoon.



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