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continuing with chic: other aspects of chic

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Being Chic Is An Attitude

I do know that there is more to being chic than how we look. It also seems to be an expression of personality, and, a joie de vivre. An interest in others. How we live both in society, whether it's work, friends, or just generally mixing with people. Wherever. A generosity of spirit.

And generosity itself is also chic. Taking a cake to someone, giving a gardener some cuttings, giving a friend who is a bit down, some of your time. What little gestures of generosity are you?

As for being interested in others: I am a shy person, I had to learn how to chat with others. I usually ask a person what they do in their life. That always leads to an interesting tete-a-tete. If there are children, I ask about them. There is always something about another person that is interesting! It is tres chic to be interested in other people. It denotes a warmth, an affection.

Chic people know other people

We all need people in our lives. Loneliness is not chic. So, if your life needs more people in it, this can be done through groups, hobbies, study, sports, getting out and about meeting people. Once you get into the habit of it, you won't be so lonely anymore. Actually, if I was lonely, I would volunteer my services here and there, to give to people: old folks homes, doing some things for neighbours in need, like shopping, childminding, lawnmowing: the list is endless. When we realise that there are those whose lives are worse than our own, our own life doesn't feel so bad anymore. If you are lonely, what could you do to meet people? Especially people with similar interests?  If money is tight: what can you do that is free, to meet people, or even just to be where others are? Like a village market, the library.

And it is chic to be cheerful. A great way to feel happier about oneself and one's life, is to practice gratitude. I silently say: "thank you Universe" when something nice happens, and I aim to find many things to say thank you for, each day. What can you find to be grateful for? I currently am very grateful to be living where I can have a vegetable garden, see the stars at night, watch the dawn come up, listen to the birds, and also that I have family and friends.

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Our Homes Can Be Chic, Too

And in our homes, too, is where we also express our chic-ness. That personal touch that is just us. When we have a family, or are flatting, of course that is harder to do, but I do know someone who actually does do it, in a most unobtrusive way, whilst sharing a house with others.

We can look at our living situation to see how, even if only in a minute way, we can express our flair. Whether we live with others, or alone, we can make things more attractive. Attractive is the main way to look good, and that also applies to our living spaces. The first way to do this is with cleanliness and tidiness. Not perfection, but looking nice. Put things away, clean the kitchen and bathroom. Not rocket science. It is very chic to have a nice living space.

I personally adore the shabby chic look. And I love antiques. I don't have room for many nice bits and pieces, so I have a couple of original vintage pieces of furniture, and few wee pieces of antique crockery. I have yoga "stuff" in my home, too (I teach yoga): wee statuettes, "Om" signs, a meditation yantra (containing geometric forms which symbolise something esoteric). Not too much of anything, but enough to make me happy, with a bit of the type of things that I love.

How can you express chic in your home?

  • what is unique about you that can be echoed in your living space, whether it be your bedroom, flat, home, garden?
  • what do you love that makes a statement about you?
  • what would you love to have in your home? It can even be something as simple as having flowers on a coffee table. Remember, we are expressing our chic here.

So, today, here were some things to ponder, about our chicness.

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