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image/attractiveness/4: Sculpting

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We have been looking at leg exercises. As we go through life, we naturally start off with muscle tone as children, teens, & young adults. Some people never seem to lose their muscle tone, & these are women who are naturally active, who keep their weight stable, don't drink too much alcohol.

The hair thing

There are other things that we can do to have nice legs. Removing hair by shaving, or waxing, regularly. If you shave, a man's hi-tech razor is fantastic. It's easy to do this in the shower, or after. A cheap hair conditioner makes it really easy, as does a body wash. You can also use body lotion if you're shaving after having a shower.

The Tanned Look

We can also add a light tan, through some careful sunbathing, gardening, etc, or by using tanning lotions, all of which help hide a multitude of marks & blemishes. And it also gives us what I call definition.

How to look vital

And one of the best visual ways to look & feel better, is to have definition. This is hard to explain, but basically if you think of how a healthy young person has a strong outline to their face & body, whereas a much older person who is not so vital, has far less outline. 

This outline has to do with our life force, which you could also call prana, mauri, or chi. We have so much life force when we are young, healthy, fit & vital. To still have it as one moves through life, is such a blessing. 

We can do this by building up our life-force with diet, exercise, rest & state of mind. It can be done.

Define Your Body

We can also add extra definition by body sculpting. Not in the body building sense, although that is good to do. no, this is a bit different. 

Whenever you apply anything to your body, whether it's:

  • dry brushing
  • scrubbing with a mitt or exfoliating
  • smoothing on tanning lotion, body lotion or oil
we can do all of these knowing that we are sending extra circulation to the skin, & thereby helping us get more of a glow to the skin. We can have a system of using all this. 

All movements go towards the heart.

  • start by doing brisk strokes on the sole of your foot, then the top. 
  • work up from ankle to knee
  • then knee to hip
  • firm strokes up, softer strokes down. 
  • now circular moves around the hips & the buttock
  • up the lower back
  • do big circles on the abdomen, up the right side, above the navel to the left, down the left. Do this several times, making the circles smaller & smaller. 
  • you can also rub the abdomen from base of torso up, right to left
  • then grab around the waist & do pinching or rolling moves there
  • upward strokes from waist, up ribs, to under the breasts. 
  • around the breasts in big circles
  • stroke down from collarbones to chest
  • arms & hands are done the same way as the legs: backs of hands, wrists to elbows, elbows to shoulders
  • down the upper back
  • in the areas that you think need extra effort: knead, pinch, roll, slap, these areas as you see fit.

All of this need only take a couple of minutes. If we learn to do something like this systematically, then it becomes second nature.

Sculpting extra

So that's for circulation. For the sculpting aspect, visualise each body part exactly as you would like it to be, whilst you are brushing, washing, applying lotion, whatever. Make it a habit. An effortless one.

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