Saturday, 31 December 2016

Time for the dreaded New Year's Resolutions

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I cannot remember one single year when my New Year's resolutions manifested, were followed through, or even remembered. I have come across scraps of paper, & notes scribbled in my appointment diary (I have a new one each year, & yes, mysteriously, I do keep them), where I've made a wee list of Things That I Want (that I really, really want!) to achieve. Not have, but more do, & arrive at a goal. I am one of those people who truly think that it's more rewarding to do something/s to achieve something/s.

And, often, I look at those wee lists, & frequently find that I did indeed end up achieving what was on those lists. Not everything, but most things. And, usually when I read those lists, I have by that time, forgotten all about those goals. And, because I've been so slack, they have manifested in a later year. I have found forgotten lists 10 years old that I (mostly) achieved. I can't actually figure out how it works, but apparently, when we write out our goals, we are more likely to achieve them. But, I do think that it would have helped to remember them, & follow through. So, this year I am intending to do a goals list, put it up on my bedroom wall, & also put up post-its with goals etc written on them, at eye level. Maybe even splash out with a vision board for my goals.

What does happen instead of working on my resolutions, is that my life changes, every year, in the 1st week of January. I kid you not. Marriage break-up; leaving another bad situation very, very quickly; rent going up by a lot of money, so that I have to urgently find a new place; friend, work & family stuff....the list goes on. I am sure that an astrologer would look at my chart, nod sagely, & enigmatically say something that explains it all, like "ah...yes". And leave me wondering just what the heck those 2 words mean in context of my dramatic new year happenings.

But this year, in the midst of it all, I shall keep working on my new year resolutions for 2017. Which, incidentally, I intend to be a great year.

And I wish for yours to be great & fantastic & happy, too.

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