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I thought I'd mention some of the earliest suggestions from this blog, & also let you know how I am going along with them myself:


Being aware of what we are doing, with a relaxed attitude. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was getting too relaxed by getting up late each morning and then fluffing around. But, now I'm back to earlier rising. And yes, being more relaxed about it rather than stressing. I was totally stressing each day after wasting so much time when I was lax! Relaxed awareness keeps us calm and sane, I feel.

See here for some of the principles on this post.

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Don't be too attached to the outcome

Trying not to put too many demands on the outcome of what you are trying to do, or want to do. Be excited about it, eager to achieve it, and without being "fixed" that things have to work out a certain way. 

Generally, when we achieve something, the results are better than what we could have imagined when we first set about achieving whatever it is. So, for a scheme I'm working on, I do just that: I get excited about doing it, and am eager about it being completed. Not completed a certain way, no... just successfully completed.

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Sometimes we need to change things

If something is not working out, despite our consistent efforts, it may be that we need to change what, or how, we are doing things, so flexibility is important too. If we are fixed in our determination for specific outcomes, we can keep going along the wrong path, just because we are determined that it is the only way. So with my scheme.... I have regrouped to do things an easier way.

The Art of Doing

We need to do something to achieve anything in life, from washing dishes, dancing, eating, planning...& so on,  big or small, it doesn't matter. action gets results.

Use common sense to work out your goals, making them relevant to your life, & easy to fit into your life. Keep it all simple...& succeed! (the KISS principle)

The first post on doing and the act of awareness is here

Constant practice

Keep doing whatever it is you need to do (constant practice) to achieve your goals, aims. As long as it's working out, of course. 

Aim for progress, not perfection, as progress is often achieved in small increments. And this attitude is so relevant for an impatient person like me: just progressing, not redoing something over and over until it's perfect.
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Have good habits that serve you well, rather than relying on self discipline. This  also cuts down on "choice fatigue" and gives us more energy for a good life.

Our habits should be able to be absorbed easily into our life. Good lesson this one! Who amongst us has not had crazy schemes whereby we try to do more exercise than our spare time allows, or crazy diets that don't work with our life? The first habits post was here

5% rule

When change is difficult, make a 5% change when you are looking at achieving something. This has a 20% extra effect. Mine at present is drinking water in the evenings. Sometimes I forget, but mostly it's 500 mls. 

I'm off to dinner with friends tonight, and I know I'll have had my 500 mls before I eat. At home, if I have a bottle of water right where I can see it, I then drink it. I now grab my bottle for a big glug as I pad past it, as soon as I get up. And if I get up during the night to go to the bathroom... another big swig of water.

I'm usually going to bed earlier so that I can get up earlier the next morning, then opening the curtains & windows asap. This is for kick starting the awake hormones that tell my body that it's time to get moving.

The 5% rule was on my first post!

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Looking better

When I was being tardy and getting up later and just generally getting not much done, I noticed that I was getting sloppy in my appearance. So now I quickly put on a wee bit of make-up and dress nicely. 

A la Elizabeth Hurley, one of my secret mentors. Elizabeth says that it takes her four minutes to put on some make-up and look good. And I'm sure that Elizabeth would also approve of my borrowing her routine of doing sit-ups and bottom clenches.

My Elizabeth Hurley stalking has been chronicled many times...starting here plus here also here

Going back to square one

These are all aspects from when I first started writing this blog, and I do like to re-address them from time to time. Sort of like doing an audit on myself. I sometimes wonder if Elizabeth does this sort of thing also? Or... is she too busy being Elizabeth Hurley? One of life's little mysteries, to be sure.

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