Sunday, 15 October 2017

the Law of Increase

The Secret of Increase

I had to chuckle when I read this!! It actually is from the bible, and it is about... well, it's about things increasing.

On many levels. And, it seems that it may also be part of the Prosperity Thing. The latest part of it. You know, have everything that you want. Just by doing The Secret and other Forgotten Laws of prosperity.

And we can also, apparently, help ourselves increase what we want, prosperity wise, with gratitude. That is so lovely.

Some people are just that way

However, I have met many people who do, inherently, have and practice gratitude, without having read all the 'correct' books, and in this instance, the quality of gratitude is not about 'getting'. It is instead, about 'being.'

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I prefer this approach with gratitude, I must confess. It goes against the grain, for me, to have lots of belongings, and 'things'. The clutter of it all just overwhelms me. Actually, the greed of it all, is distasteful, to me.

The whole The Secret and Other Laws, are amongst my "don't get me started!" subjects.

The Secret of Gratitude

But by having gratitude, we can increase other things which are not material. We can become happier. We can learn to be happy with what we have. Which, to me, is more genuine happiness than wanting and acquiring 'stuff'. We can feel better about ourselves. We can, by example, teach our children that happiness includes a grateful state of mind, whereas continually wanting creates mental and emotional disarray,

By being grateful we can be less overwhelmed by materialism. We can be less crabby, less dissatisfied. We can be more creative within our own lives, just by using what is around us, rather than using gratitude to 'get what we want', which we mistakenly believe will make us happier.

And, with the Law of Increase, we can become increasingly happier and content. Or, by continually wanting, we can become more and more dissatisfied. I know which I prefer for me.

On a more humorous note: am I alone in constant having to deal with the Law of Increase regarding weight, problems, my home getting cluttered with stuff? And so on. I cleaned out my shoes. I was ruthless. Now, less than a month later, and with only buying two pairs of everyday shoes, my shoe rack is again messy and overloaded! And where did all of those books come from?

But today, the Law of Increase is a good law. I have increasing happiness today. I don't know why, and I don't care why. I am grateful for this happiness increase.

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