Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Write It Down!!

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I was talking recently with a friend, and she was telling me about her new food regime. Plus more. And how she had written a list for her mornings and put it on her bedroom wall. What she was eating, drinking, the order of each, and everything that she wished to do each morning before work.

I so relate to this.  My friend explained that as she was a visual person, she needed to see something in order to remember to do it. So am I. So I too now have a morning list. Most of which I was doing anyway. But, it also serves as a visual reminder prior to going to bed. I sometimes lie in bed in the morning (not often), thinking and planning, then 'come to' and realise I've left it too late to do my yoga practice.

I was using my diary for ages to have my list that I ticked off, but, in packing to move, moving, and unpacking, my diary somehow got lost. And so did my routines..... So having it written up on the wall, will allow me to re-set my morning rituals. It will be a glaring reminder.

I only have to do things for myself now, but I do remember well how being ordered and having planned ahead, was so much easier for all, when one has children.

There are so many variables regarding what each of us does, each morning. There is also a routine of sorts, because we are such creatures of habit. Now, it's a Big Thing, having a routine each morning. Of course we all have some sort of routine!! The trick, for me, is to have a routine that makes my day so much better. I do know that's it's easier for me because I no longer live with children. I do have a flatmate now, so I do have to accommodate another person's habits and routines.

I never knew how ridiculously full my life was years ago, and why I was always so tired and stressed, until I wrote down on a timetable sheet, everything, including meals, for each day, for a whole week, of what I was already doing. The timetable sheet was overfull - with no time for rest nor recreation. And I was also working some evenings and many weekends, as well as each day. It was a real wake-up call doing that exercise. I had to learn how to leave time, for me, and for my youngest who had just started High school. If my daily lists including work had been up on a wall, so that I couldn't miss seeing them, I would have been able to see how unrealistic my life was.

Put your list where it's visible, until it becomes your routine, your habits.

This is my current morning routine. Most of it I was already doing:
  • coffee on the go whilst I put away any stuff left out in the lounge, and open the doors and windows
  • a few yoga warmups; sun salutes; a couple of other poses. The yoga routine seldom varies. That way, I don't have to think about what to do, and being a yoga teacher, I do know exactly what to do for myself. But it's not a long nor trendy practice. It's a do-able one.
  • some yoga breathing and meditation
  • a walk, if there is time (there often isn't!)
  • breakfast that I want to get into the habit of preparing the night before (oats and fruit)
  • shower
  • 4 minute make-up (thank you Elizabeth Hurley)
  • put on washing
Why do so much in the morning? Because I am a morning person. And I love routine, and I think that's partly my personality, but also because I am so aware that our body loves rhythm. Our body clock and hormones work with well with routines. So I think of this as me helping myself. My youngest said that when she went flatting, she knew what to do, just from having watched me, as she was growing up. And that's how I learnt too, from my Nanna. I knew to get up and get dressed before my children, and to be on hand for them as we had breakfast and got ready for school, and for work for me.

Our own early morning routine does depend a lot on whether we are a morning person, a day person, or a night owl. So, when do you have your most energy?
  • When you get up early? 
  • During the day? 
  • Or at night? 
My morning list would be totally unsuitable for a day, or evening, person. A night person (I am assuming here!) would get things ready the night before, so that mornings are easier. A day person would do their exercising during the day.

So, what works best for you? What would make your mornings a better start to your day? And how would you do things for that? Sometimes it really is "trial and error" to work things out.

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