Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Chic and Colour

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Chic colour suggestions

I was reading a French chic thing, where the writer said that to use only two colours at a time, in one's dressing. Others say, up to three colours. Both hints definitely suit my minimalist and economical tendencies. The truth is that I find it just too much visually, to wear lots of different colours, and that also applies to wearing too much jewellery, for me.

I do understand that colour can be an extension & expression of our personality. Some people are very good at this. I do not think that I am. The French chic colour suggestions which I've found, are:
  • a neutral colour with a small pop of colour
  • 2 neutrals with a splash of a colour such as with accessories
  • use up to 3 hues of 1 colour, if you want to only wear variations of one colour at a time

I do like black

One of my colours would always be black. Browns, for some reason, depress me, so black as my basic neutral, it must be. Coco Chanel who seems to have epitomised the expression "chic" all through her career, had black and cream as basic colours. I have been toying with the idea of adding some cream to my wardrobe, as it does suit me. 

Angelina Jolie does the chic colour well

I also really like Anjelina Jolie's basic wardrobe colours of black, navy, white and grey. I think that if a strong accent colour, like red, my favourite actually is purple, is used too - ohh-la-a-la! And I have seen that she does sometimes do that. I also love the simplicity of the clothes that Angelina wears. Very chic.....

                                      Image result for angelina jolie chic clothes

But it wouldn't suit all

I cannot imagine someone with lighter coloured hair suiting Angelina's clothes palette. But I can imagine such a woman looking wonderful in browns, and camels, and all colours in between. That to me, is just so elegant.

                                        Image result for french chic wearing browns

Colours also represent eras

The other thing, is that it seems to me that the way colour is used, does change. In the 1970s, there were hippie looks which ranged from very earthy (drab, really) through to bright with a multitude of colours, and in the 1980s, there were those awful overly bright colours that were all the rage. In other eras, it has been black, black, black.

So, I am wondering about this: with colour does it also represent The Times? Or, are some colours timeless?

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