Tuesday, 19 June 2018

The Weight Loss Chronicles 2

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Not Great News

I am not a happy punter. Back came 500 grams of the six kilos that I had mysteriously lost. And my weight loss stalled. How had this happened?

How, I ask you, how?
  • I moved and eating was a tad chaotic, to say the least.
  • Then someone moved in with me. Someone who loves a full, slightly messy, and very decorative home: think masses of furniture, household plants, knick knacks...etc, whereas I like a lot of space, and order, in the home. For some reason, this made me a bit disorientated.
  • We were sharing food. Food which I do not, as a habit, nor as a treat, usually eat. 
  • All of this meant that I was totally out of my routines.
My Routines

I am a great believer in routine, as a daily way of life:
  • It seems to make our body rhythms work more harmoniously. 
  • And our massive hormonal system gets into the daily swing of things, working with our body, not against it.
  • My new lack of routine, was, I am convinced, a major factor in those 500 grams deciding to return to my body.
It has been many years since I last flatted with anyone. I did have an adult child return for a few years, to go to University, but that of course, is totally different. We fitted in with each other, and it was so special for me.

Why Have A Routine:

I know that I sound really boring, rabbiting on about habits, routines, blah, blah. However, I now only actually have a few routines. I'm really flexible with my time and life when something else comes up. And I think that I can be flexible, because I have worked out a couple of routines and generally stick to them. However, none of my routines are actually set in stone.

And I deliberately do them for a reason. My main one is my morning routine, and these are my reasons for doing it: 
  • I like to be ready if someone in my family, or a friend, contacts me for an unscheduled catch-up
  • I also like not to be disturbed by any mess awaiting me in the house when I get up each morning, so it's my habit to have a quick whip around before bed, putting stuff away
  • I like to have clean clothes, so I keep on top of washing
  • My routine stops me mucking around wasting my morning, which, if I am sloppy, mysteriously morphs into wasting my whole day
  • My routine makes me feel good (very important)
So, I've re-looked at my routines: food, habits, etc, to fit into my new living situation.

The New Food habit

To reboot the weight loss, I have gone back to mostly eating the foods which agree with me, on small plates, which naturally means in small amounts. I was reading about a recipe of 100 years ago which was for four people. But the person who was using it, said that nowadays she would expect it to feed 2-3. Point taken. Our portions are just too big.

A naturally slender person whom I know quite well, once said to me: 'you can eat anything, Mum, just not too much at a time'. Point also taken here. This is The New Habit. Enforced as of a couple of days ago.

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