It's not about the money

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Truly. It seriously is not about the money

I've often wished that I had money to buy expensive skin care and make-up, have hair salon colouring rather than usually doing it myself, have quality shoes, have expensive clothes, the best organic food. But in my heart, I do know that this is not the way to happiness. Nor self-worth. It might make us look and feel good, but, for so many of us, this is just fleeting. We are worth so much more than what money can buy us.

I am on a restricted income, and need to have money put aside for all the necessary things in life, like funds for car repairs, petrol, monthly bills, medical, etc, etc. It is much less stressful when money is in the bank to pay for all of these. I feel better when I can put some money aside. It stops me worrying.

But, when I am gifted something that I would secretly love, it is so special to me. I'm very lucky having two daughters, one who is older, and the other plus two granddaughters are thirtyish. They all know that there are some things that I would love to have. And they know exactly what suits me. (How lucky am I?)

They have given me: skin care, make-up, essential oil smellies, the full works at a hairdressers, clothes, shoes, handbags, winter wrap... the list is quite big! Over the past few years I have been the recipient of many lovely gifts from my family.

But, aside from these special happenings, what can we do to look and feel better? Some of the easy things that I regularly do, are:
  • make myself look decent each morning. A little bit of makeup, nice clothes, not fancy ones, just nice, casual clothing. So that I am set up for the day 
  • use what I already have, whether it's clothes, make-up, food. Whatever 
  • I seriously try not to overstock the fridge and pantry. I get quite upset having to clean out unused food from the fridge, or being nervous that I am going to be ambushed by tins and packets crashing down on my head when I open the pantry. I just feel better about myself when I am not wasteful
  • I aim to go for a walk outside every day
  • I do some regular exercise. It's usually some yoga, but of late I've also been lifting light weights, too. I can't see any difference yet. Annoyingly

It helps if we have a way to reduce stress

I let the inner chit chat come and go, as often as possible. It just makes me feel better and less burdened. I really think that if we give credence to all of our thoughts, it just makes us crazy. I'm able to do this, routinely, as I've meditated for many years, but. And this is very big and important but. But, I also think that we can have a less frantic mind if we find out what suits us, to drop our stress. Whether it be going for a run, or working in the garden, having a hobby - whatever. As long as what you do reduces the inner chitter chatter. It doesn't have to be meditation nor mindfulness techniques. 

Little things matter, too
What else can we do, to look and feel great? Lots, actually. Because, it really isn't about the money. 

it's more about the way that we live our life

 It's about, just to name a few things:
  • routines which make our life easier and pleasant
  • living life in a way that we like ourselves. I'm talking about behaviour here. I often wonder how people can sleep soundly at night when they are not nice
  • have a good attitude to life and towards others
  • have someone to love, whether it's people, or pets

I know that everyone has their own story about what makes them feel better, in their life. And sometimes it's quite a good idea to readdress this, for ourselves. What do you do, for you?


  1. thanks for visiting my blog, I just came over to say hello. You have a lovely blog here. Things that make me feel better in life? weight lifting makes me feel I am doing something good for my body(I am very lucky to get a subsidised gym membership through my job). Small rewards for me and those I love which don't have to cost much such as flowers (I often pick mine in the garden and get greens from the woods behind us) - making the home clean and nice, making food that's healthy and taking care to present it well (I have an asian friend who takes such loving care over the most simple bowl of rice it's really opened my eyes!)and a train journey (sometimes with friend) to the beach for free sunshine with a picnic and a paddle in the sea! the sea is very calming and uplifting to be near.

    1. I really enjoy your blog, Wood Fairy. And thanks for that lovely compliment. We have similar Things that make one feel great!I haven't gotten to a gym yet, but have started lifting light weights at home, and walking more. I miss the garden I had at my previous home. And I love the sea. It's such a big part of Auckland culture.


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