who am I? the 4 pillars of health

photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha from unsplash

I love this photo - it reminds me to keep the inner flame of one's heart, glowing 

some of the amazing aspects of

the four pillars of health

are that :

  • they give a frame work for our life
  • they emphasise that the human being, oneself, is important
  • and that we are not alone, we are part of family, too. And we need each other.
  • we are not just our thoughts, nor our body
  • it's not all about just oneself
  • and yet, it does help strengthen our sense of our self, or, our personal identity. So, just as everything is not just about oneself, we, as an individual, we matter. We really do.
And using the four pillars, we can build up our sense of self, which could be called our own identity within our life. This is not a selfish thing, for, if we are strong within ourselves, this affects our family in such a positive way - actions do speak louder than words. 

our ancestral line matters, too

And how we carry ourself, and walk through life, gives guidelines to those who come after us. They will also carry our DNA, and how wonderful when we can leave our future family members, strong aspects of oneself. This DNA aspect is really strong with the four pillars - it fits not only into the family pillar, but also the spiritual one. For, what could be more spiritual than the continuation of life?

And with DNA we are also including the psychological and physical health of ourselves and our family-to-come.

it all is so profound

These four pillars are actually dimensions. And this is just a humble wee lifestyle blog. I'm feeling that right now is not the time (nor the blog) to get too deep and heavy with all of this, as I can do that at some stage on my yoga blog:  
http://swamiratnamurti.blogspot.com/. Just to let you all know that these pillars are deeper than just the "me"-ness of it all. They embrace so much of life.

it's good to matter to oneself

Nevertheless, one's own journey on this planet of blue, it does matter, aside from what we hand down to our successors. For we are indeed, part of the whole.

What I would say to us all, is that we can  develop our sense of our own personal identity. It helps to really know oneself: habits, likes, dislikes, abilities, weaknesses. 

It's not about being perfect, it's about being more balanced. And having a good sense of self worth. 

Self worth, rather than "it's all about me!" cannot be over emphasised. We can all have it, and we can foster it in our children and grandchildren. I mean - grandparents are just wonderful in letting their grandchildren know that they matter, are loved, valued, and special.

And self worth can nuture all of this within oneself, too.

We all can walk tall and be well balanced.

What do you think of all of this?


  1. Such a great message, my friend. I often struggle with that dichotomy between body and mind or body and spirit and I need reminders that it is all part of the greater whole just as I am part of a larger whole. Self worth and balance can be so difficult to find and maintain in this crazy world, but I am finding so much value in yoga and meditation to find my center and remain grounded and connected to the important things. Thanks for sharing such a important message!


    1. Thanks Shelbee. And it's so great that you have things that make you feel good inside.


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