Matariki is the Maori name of the Pleiades, or seven sisters.

Photo by Shlomo Shalev on Unsplash

There has been a resurgence over the past twenty years, of the deeper aspects of the Maori culture. Always there, always maintained over the centuries, but the resurgence is now really strong in this country. Which is wonderful. 

And Maori astronomy, which includes Matariki, is part of this. A very important part, for Matariki is the start of the Maori new year.

There are the deep spiritual aspects to this, but as you-are unique is a lifestyle blog, I'm looking today at the everyday aspects of Matariki, and how it can positively impact my own life. On a daily basis.

Perhaps it might also be useful for you.

Look to the past, and those who have gone before us:

Honouring those who have Passed Over, is such an important part of life. Myself, I feel that it keeps us humble, by reminding us that it's not "all about oneself".  I have had deep and beautiful memories flowing, of my grandparents, mother, step father, father, sister, cousins and aunts. We all share DNA. I am lucky enough to carry part of  each of them within me.

As are you. With your own family.

And honouring our friends. I have the last message on my phone that one of my dearest friends ever, left me, shortly before she Passed Over. I treasure it. I am remembering the gift of love and support from her, too.

Looking at the past year:

I'm also looking at this. Although Matariki is more about coming together. 

Specifically what I can do, right now, and this coming new year, to waylay the difficulties of this past year. It has been a challenging time for  me, and at the same time, so rewarding and precious. 

Matariki does seem to me, to be a space when the tide turns with harder times. 

Bring on the changes!! And I am using the four pillars for this. Sometimes I think that our day to day life can get overlooked in the grand scheme of things.

Celebrating the present:

Preferably with our family and friends, our community. Remembering that we are part of the whole, that we all matter. I've missed out on celebrations, as I'm slowly recovering from the dastardly virus which has swept our country. But tonight I shall be doing a meditation for it. 

Hopefully next year I can:

  • go to the Observatory for a Matariki event and viewing
  • take part in a ceremony for Matariki 
  • be part of a group meditation for it
Look forward to the future:
For me, this really does tie in with looking back over the past year. Some little things that I'd like to start doing again, that fell by the wayside over the past couple of years, are: 

to give blessings and thanks to the start of each new day. Step up the gratitude thing. These really do make a different to our life.

I'd also like to organise my weight. I've dropped just over one stone - seven and one quarter kilos to be exact, without even trying. One of life's little mysteries going on here. 

On a personal level I'd like to rebuild my health. It all went awry over the past year. 

Get back into doing healing and readings from home. Covid somehow fizzled these out. And resume writing.

Go a bit more full on into yoga and Maori spirituality. 

It's winter here, in New Zealand. And somehow I do find that it's easier to be introspective, and plan, during this time. But that's just me. 

Does anyone else do this?

** link here to my yoga blog for the annual rededication to the spiritual aspects of life


  1. It sounds like you have a lot to look forward to in the new year! :)

  2. I agree, it is easier for me to reflect in the winter. I think because I am less tempted to be outside busy doing something. When I am cuddled up inside the house, it is easier to focus on planning, giving thanks, strengthening my spirituality.

    1. I learnt to do this at a seminar. Many moons ago. But looking at your comment - it makes common sense to huddle up and plan (chuckle)


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