Little wins

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(building little mountains, one stone at a time)


why would Little Wins, even matter?

I think that they do. Sometimes we get so caught up in the Big Picture of things, that we forget that the little wins, successes, are showing us that we are progressing with whatever we decide to do.  If you're like me, you probably miss these wee signs. 

But I decided to look out for them, and feel good when I saw them, or remembered that they had happened. I wanted to anchor those feelings of success, so that I again got used to achieving things. 

Because, for some reason, I seemed to have lost my do-ing mojo. Hmm, actually it was probably due to lockdown mostly, but I also had some difficult things happen, that really chipped away at my confidence. 

I forgot all of the things that I have done, often against incredible odds. I also had my confidence shattered regarding some of the things that I do, in my life.

And I realised that it would help to look at any little, even tiny, ways that I was currently succeeding in my life. So, this is what I have been doing. It's been amazingly effective, in helping restore my belief in myself. Mostly I've concentrated on the mundane things that I have been too overwhelmed to sort out:

** my study files. Oh my goodness, the put away pile just kept getting bigger and bigger. Mysteriously, of course. The more it grew, the less I could fix it. So, I finally decided to do only five minutes a day of filing anything. So far it's working really well, and I feel less overwhelmed by The Filing Monster. I congratulate myself after each daily five minute filing session, and note it as a little win

** I fixed my damaged knee.  Honestly, sometimes I forget that it got twisted. It led me to realising that I can do that sort of healing at a distance. I used to do it, decades ago. Time to resurrect my abilities. When our clinic reopens, well of course I'll also be working there

** I realised that I needed to start winding down rather early in the evenings. Turning down lights, quick tidy up, early shower and toilette, early relaxed yoga stretches and meditation. This has made so much difference to my life. I haven't managed it every night, but when I do get it right, I celebrate this as a small success. This makes it easier to keep going with my new routine

** I have a writing project that just needs tidying up to complete it. So again, I'm looking for little wins here, by doing the editing in small doses, then celebrating doing that, with a big dose of smugness. It feels good

but, hey, it's not always just about me

This is a little win for a friend. With very big results. I'm so pleased for her. I'm always giving yoga hints to people. Small doable ones. I know that most people will never use them, but occasionally someone does, with great results. My friend has a small organic cafe, and does all of the cooking, everything, customers, by herself. I often eat there, and buy cooked meals to take home. So, friend had been coping with quite a few aches and pains, and with her workload, it wasn't good. So I gave her some small exercises to do: joint rotations, actually, to keep her limber. She's been doing them everyday, several times each day, and is overjoyed at getting her mobility, flexibility, and overall health, back. 

Honestly, it's often the little things in life which are the most successful and give the best results.

Does anyone else have great successes from little wins? I'd love to know.

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  1. I'm so glad your knee is better mum & that is great news about your friend with a cafe feeling good after her Yoga exercises.

  2. Thanks, you saying this means a lot to me. It's the little organics cafe right by the Glen Eden railway station, just over the tracks, she's a lovely woman

  3. You’ve brought up an important topic. Most of life happens in the small moments. And it’s a shame not to count the small wins. There are many of them everyday. And sometimes, it’s not even something we do, but something we experience, like seeing a field of wildflowers.

  4. Glad to read that your knee is better! Yes, the little wins, they add up, don't they? My mother used to always say, "Little drops of water, little grains of sand..." I call them "baby steps" - the whole task is overwhelming, but, I can manage 5 minutes of just about anything. :)

    1. Beautiful sayings from your Mum, Bless, and so true

  5. Glad your knee is much better and how lovely that your friend is feeling better too. I think measuring how big or small a win is immaterial - its a win or a happy occurrence and feeling grateful is as far as we need to go, honestly I am trying to be much more appreciative of good things and not just give them a glancing acknowledgement. It doesnt matter if they are baby steps, baby steps lead to other possible wins - wins dont have to be big or come in certain guises, we just have to enjoy that moment and if possible pass the good onwards :)

    1. So true. Sometimes I think we can get caught up in the bigness of "stuff", and forget that the little things matter

  6. Thanks for the reminder to celebrate the small stuff. So glad your knee is better.

  7. Hi, Swami - This is great because I have been feeling tired and uninspired with things needing to be done. They seem like a mountain and they're nagging me in the back of my mind. I need to retire earlier at night, too. I've been meaning to do this and that for 30 minutes here and there; but maybe I'd stay at it regularly every day if I just told myself 5 minutes would be okay. And I need to congratulate myself; I sometimes think of how happy I am that I got something done but I should notice that every single time. Thanks so much for the encouragement - Angie,

  8. What a lovely post, and so true. Sometimes we can get overwhelmed by major negative things in life, and the "little wins" can get us back in balance! It is like the attitude of gratitude which is so good for changing one's whole mood about a day when things are going wrong! I've got out of the habit recently but I used to think of at least 5 things to be thankful for at the end of each day. There are usually far more than 5, however bad the day might have been!

    Thank you for your visit to my blog, and I'm glad you enjoyed seeing my early experiments in gel printing. I love the ghost prints too! I have made more stencils today and am really keen to get going with some more printing. This is all soooo much fun!

    1. You are so creative!!! It's enjoyable to see all that you do xx

  9. Celebrating the small things is what makes life more fun! Thanks for sharing this post!


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