so, what is 'you are unique' about?

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What is You Are Unique?

In a nutshell, it's about unfolding one's inner potential. And there are so many ways, so many levels, to do this. As a clairvoyant, healer & as a spiritual yoga teacher ( I have always approached any form of change by including a yogic point of view, which includes managing the mind & emotions. 

But I totally believe that this is not all that is needed. We also need to look at: 

  • our bodies with diet, exercise
  • our lifestyles - habits, time available
  • our personal needs....the list can be quite big. 
If you're a working mother, your priorities & your time demands are quite different from someone whose children have 'left the nest'. 

As a student, at any age...again time & priorities are different. 

And then there's different times of our life, we have different financial needs & outlays. This needs to be taken into account too. 

The basis of being unique

However I truly believe that we can do:

  • small disciplines
  • routines
  • habits
which can be:

  • easily incorporated into our life
  • that don't cost a lot of money
  • & that help transform our life.
I do know that now, lots of other people are blogging about the same things. But this is from me, from my own heart, from my own experience.

But principle of becoming unique

It has been found that just a 5% change will give a 20% increase in whatever area you're applying it. 

1st step: A simple example would be to make a 5% change.......without calculating anything...let's just use 5% as a metaphor, not as an actual percentage, in these examples: what about cutting down your fat intake if that's an area that you need to work on.... you could look at 5% calculation, but easier still would be to perhaps see what a fat serving looks like. We're talking butter, oil, etc, here. So it's added fats, not the existing fats in food. If you look at your index finger or thumb (2 different measurements) from tip to the 1st knuckle from the top, & use 1 of these measurements as your added fat serve, immediately you'll be cutting down on fatty food intake. We're assuming here that's your problem, for the sake of this exercise.

2nd step: Keep going till it's a habit. Of course, that applies to any habit changes. It will take you about 3 weeks for each one, to become a way of life. So, getting back to the added fat thing, (our example).....for about 3 weeks you'll need to consistently keep it in mind. 

And your weight will go down, you will have inadvertently triggered off your 20% increase....or, decrease of fat, but 20% improvement of health. You'll look & feel good.

To briefly sum up

So, you are unique is about:

  • looking & feeling good
  • having a better life
  • making small changes 1 at a time, as in the 5% rule
  • allowing about 3 weeks to settle the change into your life. 
  • doing positive changes that fit easily into your life, that don't cost a lot of money.

I've found that putting these wee changes into place give me increased energy & improve my health & life. 

Using small increments of change, as time goes on, you will 1 day wonder where the 'old' you went. The you who got tired, sick, will look & feel better, younger, more vital, have more energy. 

Your uniqueness will be showing, shining.