summertime is prana-time

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What is prana?

Summertime is the very best time of the year to effortlessly slip into building up your pranic reserves.

Prana is life-force. We absorb it from the air that we breathe, from sunlight, food, water, negative ions.

Negative Ions

Negative ions are bountiful in nature: bush walks, mountains......& the beach. These negative ions make us feel good, our energy level raises. And every time we clean & dust our homes, workplaces, the negative ion effect raises.


Sunlight of course is very plentiful in New produces oils on the skin which contain vitamin D, & is absorbed into the skin providing we don't wipe it off straight way...give it time to sink in. Try to get sunlight on your torso for optimum benefits. 

And, if we want happy a happy brain, early morning sunlight raises the level of serontonin, one of the main happiness neurotransmitter, or nerve messenger, in the brain. If the sunlight gets on our stomach area, we can increase the serotonin levels in our gut. 

When our gut is happy, we are happier. Happy emotions = happy digestion. 

When we have a slight glow from the sun, it gives a similar effect to when we are high in prana, high in life-force. We appear to have a more defined outline. 

Prior to a life finishing, our life-force starts to recede, we get less definition, so lack of pranic definition is associated with ageing, & illness. 

"to appear vital and youthful, increase your prana"

Prana and youthfulness

This definition is also associated with youth, so if you want to be more youthful, get a bit of sun...remember the optimum times pre 10am & apres 3pm to reduce sun damage. Sun damage produces ageing effects: wrinkles, sun spots, but a slight glow looks healthy & youthful.

Breath and life-force

Deep breathing  raises our  life-force. A dear friend, over 80, told me of her early morning routine:

1/ hands in loose fists, knuckles facing each other, just under the collarbones, elbows bent out to the sides, blow out firmly as you take elbows back sharply: with the sound of shoo!! Bring fists in. Do again. Then take a deep breath in as you straighten arms out to the sides at shoulder level. This is 1 round, do 1 - 3 rounds

2/ arms by sides. Inhale deeply as you bring ups out at sides to overhead, touch palms, as you come up on the toes. Exhale, relaxing, as you return to start. Do 3x

3/ shake 1 leg vigorously, then the other. Shake arms & torso. This relaxes muscles.

Running, walking, any activity that makes us move, makes us breathe deeper, increases the prana levels. These also give more (pranic) definition to our bodies.

Water and prana

Water: you can increase the life-force by drinking as pure water as you can. You can decide yourself about how the the life-force level is, in bottled water that sits dead for ages on shelves. (no comment.....)

Adding slices of fruit of herbs to water will increase the life-force level. Clear or cloudy quartz crystals amp up the pranic level so you can put a piece in your water jug....don't drink that crystal!

One of the most potent ways to improve quality of water, to infuse it with positive energy, is to hold your hands/palm over the water & have loving thoughts. You will get a transference into the water.

Which foods have prana?

Summer is the easiest time to get prana from food: plants like vegetables & fruits  receiving sunlight as they grow are loaded with prana, with life-force. Plants grown locally, in season will be highest.