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Recap on some suggestions for revealing & living one's own uniqueness:

1) if something appeals to you to enrich your life: try it

2) if it doesn't make you feel or look good or is impractical, change it

3) repeat steps 1 & 2 until you do find out what suits you

4) keep doing step 3

5) a 5% change in anything produces a 20% effect, so if it is a positive thing like drinking a bit more water or fruit...go for it & if it seems it a little bit (this is our 5%) to get a good effect

6) if step 5 doesn't work out, do step 2, then step 1

7) a few little daily 5% changes here and there, will give more than 1 x 20% increase, & this will give an accelerated overall effect. This alone will bring changes that make you look & feel good. Like revving everything up

8) keep a relaxed attitude.....tension creates stress

9) find some good affirmations that work for you

10) notice how the food that you eat effects you

12) notice what times you eat ...when you are habitually hungry, & sort out snacks/meals for these times

13) make yourself look nice each day

14) sort out a skincare routine that suits you & your budget

15) make sure that you are "current' and not stuck in the past

16) enjoy the unique journey