2018 and choices

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Choices not resolutions

I have decided to have choices, not resolutions, for 2018. Why?

I always have the future in mind. As opposed to living in the future, I might add. No, I always know what direction that I want to take for the following year, as one year draws to a close. I don't always achieve what I set out to do. I've realised that no one is an island. We don't just decide this, that, and the other, and get it all done, with no interference, no hiccups, nothing to create ripples in our life. Quite the contrary. Sometimes almost everything can go wrong. And this happens in life.

Life got in my way

Sometimes it's oneself. Sickness, having to earn extra money for the family, not being disciplined enough: honestly, there are a myriad of unforeseen things that can halt our progress. Sometimes things happen with family and friends whereby what we want to do - it's not as important as what is going on around us.

My choice, in these instances, is just to wait until things are okay, or better. Until the stars align to enable getting moving with one's plans and dreams.

I have had such a year. And now, as a new year is arising, I'm ready to resume my plans of choice. I used the difficult times to make background plans for the direction of 2018. And that, too, was a choice. Handle whatever.... but make a choice to hold onto the dream, the direction in which you want to go.

Sometimes it can take me ages to sort out what direction to go in, particularly with work. I find making the choices of all that one can do, difficult. I always joke that it's because I am a double Libran. Libra sun, Libra moon ( moon sign rules our emotions). Libra is the sign that (apparently) finds decision making hard. But I only find decisions hard when they are not important. Why is this so?

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How to know when it's an important choice

When you find the right decision, the right choice - it's All Systems A Go! You just know when you find it, because it resonates with one's beliefs, one's values. And these are the important choices. I think that's why they are so easy to make, because we are dealing with issues that are close to our heart.

Listen to the calls of the heart

Our heart cannot lie. Different parts of our mind can "lie" as in rationalising, or justifying, or wanting. But our heart is closely allied to our values, and I do feel that this is because our values, when they are in line with our heart, our values they marry with our conscience. 

Although our gut feelings can also "tell" us when something is right or wrong, when we are close to our inner self - we find it hard to go against our values.

One way that I did this

I teach deep spirituality, via Yoga. I'm always being asked to teach more classes. A couple of years ago, I made a choice not to do that, because in my heart, I knew that it wasn't "what I am about". I felt that it was like always suggesting to an engineer that they fix dripping taps for a living, instead of doing engineering. So, rather than take more yoga classes, I prefer to teach seminars, because they are a better vehicle for teaching deep spirituality.

It was a big step, stopping teaching lots of classes, because it was my livelihood. But my choice, following my heart, was to downsize, and let the Inner Me shine forth. I have not regretted this decision. Another direction came clear straight after that choice. As though it was just waiting for a space to manifest in. And the new direction was even closer to my values.

Our values define us

And our values, they too define "what we are about". When we know our values, what we ideally can and can't live with, then it becomes easier to make choices. And when we are firmly established in our values, we are happier, stronger. Our choices then become easier to make.

So, for me, 2018, is about choices in line with my values.