Marisa Peer: love what you do

Marisa Peer:

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The brain-body thing

I was listening to a video clip from Marissa Peer, hypnotherapist, whereby she links pleasure to accomplishing something. Marissa says that our brains will always do what we want: for example, we might repeatedly tell ourselves that we hate our job. And then, mysteriously, our body responds by getting sick so that we get sick so we can't do the job.

I once worked with a woman who would get indignant and self righteous over trifles, and decided that our boss was to blame for everything. She kept saying that he "made her sick". As you can guess, my friend got sick! Mysteriously sick. She went to a doctor, who told her.... that her boss "made her sick"! I kid you not. Actually our boss was a nice guy so it was quite confusing to me. I'm sure that you can remember similar stories from your own life, whereby someone had a self-fulfilling sickness prophecy.

Learn to love what you do

Marisa says that the key to doing whatever you have to do & whatever you want to do, is to tell yourself that you love it & it becomes easier. Our body will respond by helping us to do whatever we need to do, because our inner being and our body will always look for pleasure rather than pain. And loving doing something is a pleasurable thing! So then, instant help suddenly comes from within ourselves.

But if we dread doing something, which is like linking pain to doing it, we just keep putting it off, and feeling less desirable emotions such as guilt, feeling "down", or tiredness, which is not such great news when we need to go to work, get healthier, clean the oven - whatever!

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I was overwhelmed

When I heard this video, I was sitting, feeling down & overwhelmed because I'm leaving wee cottage soon & the real estate agent was coming around.

Panic! All that I could think of was : windows need cleaning, mouldy bits need to be washed off, including the mouldy path to the cottage; over the top spring cleaning; haven't gardened forever, etc etc etc. Honestly, all that was in my psyche over all this was a sense of being overwhelmed & crippled with it. And this of course is also about emotions. And my body was weirdly immobilised.

So I followed Marisa's advice

I instantly followed Marisa's advice. I told myself that I love having a clean cottage. Bam! I couldn't stop myself, cleaning fast, hither & thither. Like an olympic sprinter. (I was impressed with myself, actually.....). My energy came right up! 

Instead of having down energy & emotions, I had dynamic, happy, energy & feelings.

And added my own twist

I was so impressed by this technique.  Actually I cheated a bit... I also added excitement! Excitement at having a spotless, gleaming wee cottage. And, also weirdly.... I have been happily maintaining having everything tidy and in it's place. This is so not the usual me...... I am usually tidy-ish, yes, but not fanatically so.

So, I have been wondering what else that I could apply this to? At present I am looking at everything this way: love and excitement. What do you need to do, that causes inertia, or dread, or excuses? Maybe you could try this technique too, and perhaps let me know how you got on.