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the things that we do

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the things that we do

This sounds, to me, like a joke. You know: 'the time that I did this, and the time that I did that'. Then we all laugh. I recall a very hilarious evening where myself and some of my sisters, told each other very private, and very funny, stories about ourselves, about such times. Stories that normally one wouldn't let anyone know about. I was so proud: mine were the best! Well, I thought so. And judging by the laughter, maybe they were.

But that's not what this post is actually about. It's about visualisation, and goals. Which can be great assets in our quest to have a better life. I was unsuccessful at visualisation for a long time. I couldn't understand why. I was doing visualisation the way that we are 'supposed' to, but it wasn't working. And I got quite confused about this. 

So, for example, say I want to have a beautiful home to live in. So, I visualise what I want in great detail. And carry on my merry way with my life. Sometimes, this really does work. But, there is something missing here. I am visualising what I want. Without any care nor thought about how to get this dream home. Nor if I'm actually meant to have a dream home, just the way I want it. 

Sometimes, I do feel that some of our wishes are actually not part of our life's plan. You know, the secret plan that was sorted out before you were incarnated into a lifetime. 

I have tried adding accomplishment dates. Um, that wasn't so successful, either. 

And, how I would feel when my goal was reached. No, that was a fizzer, too.  

And yet, these are apparently, the ways to visualise. In glorious technicolour. With sounds, feelings, and whatever else. Clearly somethings were missing. And it wasn't as if I couldn't visualise, either. I am a very visual person.

the secret of visualisation

But, I noticed something a while ago. I read The Silva Mind Control Method. For no other reason than mild curiosity. They recommended with visualisation, seeing oneself doing whatever it was that one desired to achieve.

The keys words being: doing, desire, and achieve. 

Seeing the scenario about six feet, or about two metres, away from oneself. 

And, just like that, I started 'seeing' me, well, visualising actually, about two metres in front of myself, doing whatever I had to do. In technicolour. And, the next thing I knew, I'd be doing it. I did this for silly things that I had been procrastinating about doing. Or, getting something to eat that was nice and healthy. 

I did it very casually, as if whatever I was visualising, was what was meant to be, no rush, no worries about it.  No stress involved. In a way this was all most annoying, because it was so effective! I had to 'do' all of these things that had been so hard to do.

I don't know if anyone else would find any of this useful. But, as a serial failure at visualising, I have found this 'new-to-me' method, really good. 

I might call it the 'ratnamurti-no-mind-control method'. 

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