moving into spring

(vintage French Elle magazine spring issue about change of season, and change of our regimes to suit) 

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I always enjoy "moving into spring"

What does it mean? For me, it's about having an overhaul of various aspects of my life. 

  • putting away the heaters. One is already stashed in a cupboard
  • throwing out the winter slippers. I just loathe grubby slippers
  • washing and stashing the winter bedding
  • warm dressing gown, flannel pjs, warm socks, beanies, woollen scarves etc, get stored away too

I know that spring, well it springs upon us, then unsprings with more wind and rain, then becomes nice weather spring again. Back and forth for a wee while. But still, the spring feelings are there. Feelings of new beginnings, and I always enjoy the wee "moi" tasks that move me into spring. 

I like to update and sort of have nice "moi" new beginnings.

I lighten my make-up, with colours and foundation. The natural light of spring is in itself, lighter and brighter than winter, of course, and I like to reflect these in how I decorate myself.

moving from winter to spring with clothing

I like to have some long sleeved tees for spring, to wear with jeans or trousers. In nice colours of course. Not as sombre as my winter colours. At the start of spring, I'm still wearing most of my winter trousers, moving into lighter fabrics as summer comes closer. And spring is when I might also wear tights. So, it's the darker winter colours on the bottom half, with the lighter, brighter colours of spring on the top half. 

And this is such an effective way to use our wardrobe, rather than having a different set of clothes for each of the four seasons.

I know that it won't be too long before I'm trotting around in jandals aka flip flops. This is such a casual country that they are sort of a way of life. But, I'll be looking for some nice ballerina shoes for this season, too. 

spring food

This is also, to me, a time to lighten up with food. Add more colour to our plate.  More soaked muesli rather than warm porridge. More juices. More fresh food, rather than casseroles and heavier winter food. In winter, warm, cooked food is a must for me, but as the seasons move into more warmth, it just makes sense for our food to follow suit and balance out the warmth with cooler foods. 

I really do enjoy spring: the spring cleaning, revamping make-up and clothes, a subtle change of diet, looking at being outside more. I don't enjoy walking in icy, heavy, sideways rain, so now that's easing up, more walks are in order.