spring has sprung 2020

there's something in the air
flowers are blooming
lambs are a-frolicking
hey, it's spring!

. When I was a young Mum, so that's really a long time ago, I worked in a tourist shop in Downtown Square, Auckland. I kid you not - the tourists wanted postcards (pre mobile phone photos) of lambs, to send to their friends. Lambs with daffodils in the photo. It always amused me. 

Ah, finally. Spring has sprung. Lucky, lucky us in Down Under, in New Zealand. Is it just me, or does our country have the loveliest spring?

Both of my elder children (I hate calling them children, one is a grandmother, it just sounds so wrong), have lambs frolicking at their small farms. Actually, the lambs always come before spring, but my goodness, what could be cuter than a new born anything.

Spring is such a time of hope, for me. The hope season. Hope for good things for all sentient beings and for me that includes Mother Earth (Papatuanuku), and all of the plant realm. All realms. Seen and unseen. Especially at this time in history.

It's like a little flutter of something in the heart. I feel it every year. An excitement. Maybe it's just me hanging out for the sun. But I think not. It's a time of growth, birth, renewal. We have been through the season of nourishment from the rain; the winds blowing everything clean; the natural slight hibernation from the weather and shorter days. Like a flower blooming, spring allows us to do the same. 

freesias popping up everywhere, I love them, they remind me of happy years with my Nanna and aunt

I feel the need to do some spring cleaning in my home. More clearing-the-decks, so to speak. My body wants to move more. I am wondering if I have any wearable spring clothes. 

Excitement. Movement. Getting ready to frolic. Ah, I love spring. I often wonder if all Librans (that's me!) love the in-between seasons of both autumn and spring, as we are so much into maintaining balance, and moderation. 

** link here for this week's yoga post with some lovely sequences


  1. Sounds like you are excited and looking forward to spring and new beginnings. We are still firmly in summer at present, but, September is the beginning of autumn. :)

  2. Awww, love that lamb! I think your Spring and ours are fairly similar except we're more likely to have snow in April than December. xxx

    1. Most of our snow is in the South island. The scenery there is exactly like Lord of The Rings, which of course was filmed here. So may NZers had bit parts in those films.

  3. Oh dear, I hang my head in shame LOL. I have, in my possession, one of those postcards of a lamb and daffodils :))
    Enjoy the season, Mxx

    1. Am giggling. Aye, should be a good season full of hope

  4. We are saying goodbye to summer here in the UK (not that we really had one with Covid at play) and I am feeling a bit sad about heading into winter. If we can manage a week of sunshine somewhere before the end of the season I think it will do us the world of good. Enjoy the warmer weather and lambs - they sound way too cute! #AnythingGoes

  5. They are too cute!! It would be just so wonderful if Covid would die down before your winter xxxxxxx

  6. Beautiful post! I love the changing of all the seasons. There is always something so special in the air as these shifts occur. Thanks for linking up with me, my friend!


    1. Yes special times when seasons change. I really enjoy your blog, Shelbee, which is the real reason that I link up xxxx


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