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2020 revisited

 that was the year that was

and hopefully it was a oncer

lucky for moi I live in God's Own/Godzone

aka New Zealand/Aotearoa

I am so grateful for this

photo by Immo Wagman on Unsplash

Looking back over 2020, it has been a year that we could not have envisaged. Although - way back in the 1970s, there was a fantastic British tv show called "Survivors". So eerie, looking back at this.

So it opened with a man working in a laboratory, then hopping on a plane, and you guessed it - unknowingly carrying a virus, and consequently infecting the whole darn world. It spread like wildfire. And people everywhere died. A few survived, had to find other survivors, food, shelter - because they couldn't go into infected homes etc.  No electricity, petrol, etc. Plus all of the people stuff around it. It was a real cliffhanger of a series, and wow - it later happened in real life, in 2020. In a different way.

Who would have thought?

Living here is so isolated now from the rest of the world. We are so lucky!! Of course, we have a fantastic Prime Minister and we all (well, most of us) took our first full lockdown seriously. Which really helped. 

Below is something from our Maori culture which pretty much describes the attitude that our government and most people here, took. It's quite a famous saying here, and it does indeed emphasise one's values.

He aha te mea nui o te ao. He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata

(What is the most important thing in the world? It is people, it is people, it is people)

So out of the covid scenario for moi:

  • it really emphasised my priorities. The basis of which is in the above saying. Family, friends, and the family of man.
  • I don't know what will happen in 2021, but I have been extra grateful and thankful this year. I'm quite sure that I'm not alone with this.
  • I always knew that money was not my God, so to speak. I am even more so, now - money to me, is to be shared
  • having said that, my income this year has been rather tragic, but at least I do have an income. Albiet rather small, but quite adequate.
  • I established zoom yoga classes, which has been really enjoyable
  • I have been forced to re--examine my daily life. Yet again. I do so want it to be more meaningful. I want my life to matter. Even if only to moi.
  • I rejoined my Maori healing friends in a new clinic. I do love this mahi (work). It fills my heart, and I also love seeing how beneficial it is to our clients/guests
My sixth grandchild, Poppy, entered this world, in 2020. Right before lockdown. She has been a real joy in my life, and the other day said my name (granny). At ten months old. My other grandchildren are all adults, except for Toby, my great grandson, who is not quite five. So everyone else has their own life now, as it should be, as one enters adulthood. 

I wanted to GIVE BACK, during these full on times.
Actually I usually always have done so, especially working in koha (donation) clinics, doing Maori healing. And also doing energy healing from my home. 

But what I did do, during the first lockdown, when of course I couldn't do any healing, was to share little known yoga practices for strengthening the lungs, the first of which you can find, here. I felt that this would be very helpful. And, I continued with more breathing practices and poses, moving into breaking down postures and adding variations of them. 

Originally I was going to sell my knowledge, a lot of which is not often taught these days. But, you know - covid happened. 

It just felt better to share and give back. 

This was the year that was, for me. I'm sure that everyone has stories from this year. Hopefully many of these stories were good ones.


  1. You give so much in your life that I hope 2021 will return some of that generosity to you.
    Sending you hugz for a happy new year, Mxx

    1. Gosh Thank you, Margaret. That is so nice to say, and so kind. Big hugs back at you xxxx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Vix, wishing you and Jon safe health and a great 2021

  3. Happy New Year! What you give, especially with a generous heart, comes back tenfold to bless you and yours. May 2021 be the year when you will receive many blessings.

  4. Ratnamurti, your energy and attitude are so very contagious and I am so grateful to have gotten better acquainted with you this year. I have finally committed to daily morning yoga and have been consistent for a week or two (I am unsure of the length of time as I still very much exist in a time warp). My goodness, it helps so much for the whole day when I get centered at sunrise. Do you have a channel with yoga sessions or do you only do live Zoom classes? I would love to check some out if you have them available somewhere. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful light with the world, my friend!


    1. I do have a couple of zoom classes, Shelbee. But I confess I never thought to make them more available. I'll look into it, as time zones are different here. That morning yoga is just the best; it changes one's life so nicely - as you have mentioned.


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