Christmas is almost here

nearly at the end of the 

Big Year Of Uncertainty,

Christmas is almost here

Photo by Tatiana Colhoun on Unsplash  

So many around this planet of blue, will not be having a happy Christmas. We are so fortunate here  in New Zealand, to be so far away from the virus.

And so, most here will have a lovely Christmas. But, you know, I suspect that for many, values and priorities will have changed. Less spending, less getting - after all, these mattered for nothing really, this year.

I'm going to a small family get-together on Christmas Day. One of my daughters and one of my grand daughters, both Mums, hatched an evil plan to somehow get eldest daughter to have it at her place. hehe. So naughty. (I "overheard") They did have two backup plans, which I suspect were made out of guilt. After a lovely offer for us all to go to her place, from eldest - it has all changed and due to a couple of people having to go to Other Family Dos, we are now meeting at my grand daughter's house in the morning. The two youngest (great grandson, aged four, and newest grandchild aged ten months) will be getting presents, and we all shall be partaking of the first feast of the day.

I'm sure that Toby knows that he will be getting presents, but baby Poppy? She will be amazed at it all.

Toby has inherited a family tradition. He is so-o-o lucky. When his Nannie and Uncle were little, we lived semi-rurally, with an enormous horse paddock behind us. Every Christmas Eve, Grand dad Peter (their dad) would help our kids get hay from the paddock for the reindeer. After all, Santa in those days, got beer and food - but what about Rudolph and co? I'm sure that they got hungry too.

And then - those reindeer - they left big reindeer poohs on our verandah!! The cheek of it all. Every year. Our wee kids were beyond themselves with excitement about this. I mean - it's special, right?

Anyway, it seems that Rudolph and his mates did the same to Toby last Christmas. They did you-know-what on his verandah when they dropped off his presents.

Naughty-as reindeer.

And our prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has waived travel restrictions for Santa.

So it'll be All-On.

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  1. Oh, those naughty reindeer! :D Does Toby get to clean up after them? :D

    I hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family, Ratnamurti. And a blessed New Year, too.

  2. It sounds like your festivities will be wonderful. What a lovely thing to do, gather the hay for Santa's hungry reindeer, I bet the kids were wild with excitement.
    Thank goodness travel restrictions have been lifted for those presents to be delivered. xxx

    1. Yes we have the best ever Prime Minister, Vix. Sje also waived travel restrictions dduring lockdown for another special being to visit children - the Easter Bunny.

  3. Loved the reindeer :))
    Wishing you a very happy time together with your family Mxx

  4. Your tree looks lovely and what nice traditions to have! How fun for the kids! :) We have been enjoying the run up to Christmas, although we are being cautious as New Zealand is a lot safer than Australia right now! We are in Queensland though so will be able to spend the day with family even if we have chosen not to go to many big events this year.

    Hope that you are having a wonderful Christmas week :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Good to be in Queensland in 2020. I've a sister who lives in Brisbane, and I was so grateful she was there.

  5. Love the reindeer tradition - its the funny little things that make the most impact aren't they, never mind the actual presents :) Have a wonderful and joyous Christmas and New Year to you and all your family xxx

    1. Thanks Juliet - yes the memories seem always to be bigger than the presents.


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