spiritual health: the four pillars

spiritual health - 

what is it?

and why does it even matter

as one of the four foundations of our being; our life?

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Why indeed? We are still looking at the four pillars of our life. The four supports, dimensions, which enrich us, and our loved ones, and indeed, all of us. 

most of us need something Higher than ourselves, to hang our heart on:

So what is this spiritual mumbo-jumbo? Don't I mean religion?

Nope. I don't. You might, which is fantastic, because then you already have a framework for this aspect of life. I've always been genuinely interested in other people's Faiths, whatever that might be to a person. I just love to have a deep and meaningful chat about this. And I love how one's Faith is somewhere for our heart to rest. Honestly, it just inspires me.

But, I must be honest, it's not my own way. I recall so many decades ago, an astrologer telling me that I would have two Paths in life. I was aready firmly ensconced in the yoga path, so I just scoffed inwardly, and thought: "ha! what would you know"? Turns out that he knew more than me (no surprises here), and that I also went on to embrace the Maori culture and the deep spirituality of it, as a Maori healer. So these are my two ways. They are very compatible. These are my own spiritual pillar. 

When I am slipping in an area of the four pillars - this is where I first look, as it brings me back to myself, in a way which matters to me. 

When my physical health is not good, I not only look at diet, etc, but at whether or not I've been doing some daily yoga exercise and breathing. And it's the same for psychological health - the yoga keeps me nicely balanced, and happy. If something just doesn't feel right, and I can't pinpoint it, I go to a friend for some Maori healing, and I use this also for psychological and physical health. 

Every single thing intertwines in life.

my own biggest spiritual thing that I do

I have found though, that the most inherently spiritual thing that one can do, is to be a decent person. Stay true to your heart. For it does not lie. I have always felt that when we do things that we know are not right, as we sometimes do in life, that it's like casting shadows over the heart, and those same shadows, they seem to haunt us. As in memories that cause us angst. 

So I guess, really, that this is my own main spiritual practice - be a decent person who "comes from" one's heart. And it makes me feel okay about myself. 

But, hey, enough about me!! What about you? What gives you solace in your heart, brings you close to your own inner essence? Makes you feel as though your soul is singing?

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  1. Believing in a Creator God, I get a lot of peace from immersing myself in Nature. It seems to 'restore' my soul, and I can face the world again.
    Believe it or not, I was thinking about spirituality this morning and how we can express that in our life and came up with being more open and loving. Being a 'decent person' certainly ties in with that.
    Have a great day :) xx

    1. All of my years involved with spiritual yoga, healing, and Maori healing, brought me to that conclusion, too

  2. This is one of the important areas in my life. Spirituality to me is living my daily life in a manner that brings me inner peace. :)

    1. So true, Bless. Staying close to, and true to, one's inner values = peace


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