my 4 pillars of health update

 I've definitely been looking at the four pillars of health

in regards to myself, and my own life

looking a bit more closely

making adjustments, decisions

photo by Tim Mossholder, on Unsplash

I am that person who feels more complete when I live close to my heart, and to what really matters, and this, for me, is also what these four pillars are about. We can have heart in all that we do and are 

When I looked at these four dimensions, see here:

  • physical health here
  • psychological health here
  • family health here
  • spiritual health here
I could see that I was unbalanced. Of course I am. I really don't know how this all could ever be in perfect equilibrium. Sometimes we are unwell; or having to deal with a lot of difficulties; and family and friends things happen that aren't easy to deal with. This applies to us all. Then of course, is that virus. I do feel that this affects us all. Tragically, many more than others. I just cannot imagine the angst of those living in places where it is rampant.

My city in New Zealand has gone, again, into lockdown, level three, level four being full lockdown. We are a cautious country (lucky us), and hopefully we maintain that attitude. We don't want people to suffer. (Oh, and today three big earthquakes in the ocean close to the North Island - tsunami warnings) 

the times of reassessment, contemplation

And these lockdowns, I notice that they make us contemplative. We seem to reassess our life, values - everything. I'm sure that it's not just me. I'm quite sad that I've seen so little of most of my family over this past twelve months. But I'm also glad that they are all well and happy. (family, psychological, and spiritual healths)

With the physical pillar, I damaged my back lifting (or rather, trying to lift) a heavy piece of furniture, a couple of weeks age, so am in slow recovery mode with this. Luckily I know some yoga flexibility moves and simple relevant stretches to help with the repair. (forget doing yoga poses at the moment!!) And my diet is slowly being changed. I'm really happy about that. I do feel that what and how we eat, does affect our psychological and physical health.

Myself, I felt for a long time that our lives were all so unbalanced. Wants being fulfilled and longed for, rather than dealing to our needs. Having "good times" rather than a meaningful life. 

making little changes that matter and are sustainable

The four pillars, keeping them in mind from time to time, and making adjustments as well as we can, can form a foundation for our overall well being and bring us back to being more complete. Back to being someone who not only feels good, but also feels good about oneself. This is so important.

Within this, I had previously mentioned "what is precious to oneself?" and this too, is a wonderful way to come back to what matters to you. What is close to your heart. And we can do this with each of the four pillars. We each can make our own life matter in a very complete way.

Each pillar, or realm of oneself, interacts with and supports, the others. And this is another hint for reassessing them within your being, and within your life.

So, I'm still making wee adjustments, which of course are the easiest kind. And for me, they are also the easiest to maintain. I can change them, too, if they don't feel right. In busy lives, little changes can fit into our routines quite effortlessly.

I am that weird person who thrives on, and loves, routine

So, I've been rewriting (literally - on paper), new morning and evening routines. After only one day, I had to rewrite them. (chuckle) Trying to do too much within the time available - sigh - it never works.... and I always try to do this anyway. But it actually is to do with the four pillars. Making a base, a framework, to start and end each day. A friend told me once how she needed to write routines out and put them where she could see them each morning, as she is such a visual person. I am too. If I can't see it, then, like my friend- I forget it.

What do you do to start and end each day?

p.s. We actually haven't finished with our "house". There is more to come......

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  1. I think we all have routines but often don't recognize them. I find it quite interesting sometimes to step back and observe just what I do do every morning when I first get up. The things I do from habit, without thinking. Being conscious of them helps me to tweak them and change things when needed. It seems to be a constant process, not something that has a definite end.
    I've been enjoying reading your 'pillars' - they are great way of understanding the 'house' that we all live in :) xx

    1. The pillars do make sense, Margaret. It has changed how I look at health. And interestingly, we seem to have the same way of assessing things that we do!!

  2. Finding that perfect balance of our four pillars has definitely been a challenge this past year. It is a challenge in any situation but definitely aggravated by what is going on in the world right now. The isolation has done some serious damage to my self worth and self confidence and I am trying to make my way back to a place of hope. I really appreciate that you share so much of your heart and your journey to finding balance and living your best life. I am so very grateful as always for this community of people who are willing to share our struggles and our realities in an effort to make a better future for everyone. Thanks so much for being such a wonderfully inspiring person, my friend!


    1. Gosh I feel really humbled reading this Shelbee. The year of the virus has so eaten away at most people's confidence.

  3. I agree with you on the four pillars, however, as human beings, we can rarely find contentment in all four aspects of our lives. We have been dwelling too long on our 'wants' rather than accomplishing our needs and finding satisfaction in them. We all thrive on routines but then life happens. I feel, this virus has been designed primarily to teach us to value the things that are most important to us. To find joy in little things, relationships and achievements. We had turned into zombies who were just too preoccupied in our own existence. Finally we have got this jolt, and can see past the fog.
    Thank you for sharing your blog post with us at Meraki Link Party. Delighted, you could join us.
    Stay bless and hope your back heals swiftly.
    Much love

    1. I agree Naush - too much wanting rather than dealing with our and others' needs.


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