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 I am that person (like many others) who does not like a lot of exercise. 

But - I do feel so much better when I do some exercise. So I do.

Just walking, some yoga flexibilities and poses, some very light weights. That's my thing.

But of late, this has all gone awry. Life just happened and I ended up with next to no free time, and too tired to move my body.


this little cutie is one of the reasons that I've been "all over the place"

the four pillars of health: physical health

You know: diet, exercise, sleep, water, etc. I have been through a crazy time, with very little spare time to be me. In the sense of the things that I do to maintain myself. However, things are now easing up, and I'm looking at what I actually could have done to make this pillar easier. 

When I'm so stressed and busy that I can't organise myself, I don't seem to think logically about what I can do with no effort. But, I do believe that when things are sorted out in advance, and are adjusted to be do-able, then when those crazy, overbusy, stress times come, we have something to fall back on. 

Sometimes less really is more.

So what did I do, and what could I have done?


Instead of overindulging in tea and coffee, I could have just carted a water bottle everywhere, and had lots of swigs whenever I got tired or nervy. But I didn't. (logic going out of the window)

My blood sugar has been all over the place, and I have found, of late, that a big glass of water fixes that. Instantly. Who knew? 

I did get into the habit of having a bottle of water by my bed, and have been taking a big drink before sleep and on awaking. My one success on the food and drink front. Now I also have one by the kettle so that I drink water as I flick on the kettle for my morning coffee.

I really could have organised food easier. I got into some bad habits .... And because I was away from home most days, I have now put some serious thought into portable food. I honestly could have made up a quick sandwich the night before, or prepared food box for the car. 
And my bottle of water. I'm still working on organising this regularly. And also made sure that I had "fast" food at home.

Fast food for breakfast: I've worked out two options. One is a protein shake: protein powder, some sort of milk, banana. I've been all over the place with breakfast, and this has just added more stress and funny blood sugar. I realise that I could have whizzed up said smoothie the night before, so that I then would remember to take it in the morning. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I also have made some granola which of course is very portable. The overnight oats that I made to eat at my destination? Disgusting. I'll never do that again. 

Being me, if I start adding extras or yummy bits and pieces, to a lunch box, or a smoothie - disaster. It just all gets out of hand. So I do need my food to be basic.

Fast food for dinner: I could have hard boiled eggs and kept them in the fridge. I now have frozen fish, cottage cheese and cheddar, on hand. And I always have red lentils which cook in 10 minutes. All I need then to add to any of these, are some steamed frozen vegetables (folate mix, and corn), which I have done. Protein and vegies.


Oh dear. What can I say. I really bombed out here. 

I've had a trapped nerve in one of my legs which had greatly restricted movement. It's easing up now. Plus I've been looking after wee doggy. She has had a mishap to her formerly cute pompom tail and has needed a lot of care for a few months now. I didn't have the time nor energy (plus leg pain!!) to take her for decent walks but have managed frequent short promenades every day and night. For Pixie, and also for me, as something is better than nothing.

little Miss Pixie

Yoga - I've managed some, but not much. I miss it. My body thrives on yoga.  I've worked out a few day routines which I try to get done as soon as I can, whether morning or before dinner. It hasn't happened every day, but I'm getting there. And I have a small routine before bed. If, however, I'm so tired that when I lie down, I instantly fall asleep - then, no.

Light weights. On an extremely busy day, especially when my body is stiff and sore, I have a little standing yoga flexibility routine that takes five minutes. And it honestly makes such a difference. I don't know why these aren't emphasised more in yoga. Then I have a five minute light weight standing yoga sculpting routine. Mostly these yoga exercises are unknown, but they are great. If I can only fit in ten minutes, I do the flexibilities and sculpting. Something is better than nothing. 


I made sleep my biggest priority. I wasn't getting much due to a very distressed wee doggy. She's on the mend now (thank you Universe and Carevets, Glen Eden) and we go to bed v-e-r-y early, (cuddles made her feel better) just in case she has a bad night. My nervous system is fried from worrying about her and lack of sleep. But, all is improving. I shall keep up this excellent and highly restorative habit.

looking nice

hmmm. I'm on the up again with this. I'm no beauty, but I definitely feel better about myself and life when I scrub up. I don't wear fancy clothes, just simple casual ones (no trackies) and a wee bit of make-up and tidy hair. I would put looking nice into the psychological health section, but that's just me.

But food, fluids, exercise and sleep? Definitely these are physical health. Which then impacts on psychological health, in a very beneficial way.

I'm sure I'm not the only person who looks back at stressful and crowded times, and thinks - "I could have done this, that, and the other, to make it all easier". 

What do other people do? 

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  1. I have been all over the place the past month or so as well with diet and exercise and sleep habits. I need to start adjusting myself back to healthier habits. I have skipped out on yoga for the past 2 weeks and I can feel it in every joint and muscle. And I have not been adequately hydrated which makes me feel crummy all around. I am taking it one day at a time, trying to do better each day. Slowly we get back to those healthier spots. You've got this, my friend!


    1. Sometimes, shelbee, I feel as though it's a cycle of start, fly with things - then life happens and then we have have to restart. Or is this just me....

  2. I think hindsight always make it so much easier to see what we could have or should have done. I find that when life gets hectic the first thing to go is my exercise routines!

  3. I seem to go in spurts. I will be very conscientious for a time and then just sit down and not get up for several weeks, snacking between meals, wearing yoga pants and barely combing my hair! Right now I am back to moving again. It always feels better to be active so I need to remind myself of that. And get over it!!
    We have been buying fresh and frozen fruit, dividing it into freezer baggies with a handful of fresh spinach, or half a cucumber, maybe some shredded carrots and then freezing it. When we want a smoothie, we throw a bag in the blender with about 8 ounces of Diet Ocean Spray juice and blend. So good. And quick. I have that with a breakfast bar. Yum.


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