ye olde op-shop routine

 I go through long periods of never visiting the charity and hospice shops.

Except to do my regular drop-offs.

But - now we are allowed, semi-post-lockdown, to visit them.

I've been hanging out to go a-rummaging.

All due to a friend who has been wearing clothes that I just love, and it seems that they were all from our local op-shop.

every little girl can do with having a barbie house - great for climbing on

but this one, much smaller, is actually great for happily playing with

I know, I'm being greedy wanting to get to the best clothes, first. Yes, I do know. I should be ashamed. But I'm not. I did my first rummage post lockdown, or should I say, nervous peek, this week. My anxiety levels went sky-high and I had to leave. But not before nabbing a weeny pink Miffy backpack for wee toddler grand daughter. She has managed to avail herself of my red designer secondhand handbag from more than twenty years ago, which incidentally I never use, but hey, I might one day.  So, we might do a swap. I haven't bought any more clothes for quite a while, being fussy, except for a really expensive top for one whole dollar, pre lockdown. But I did get some real and probably unnecessary, bargains. Which I find is like the danger zone of op-shops. Getting heaps of junk that one neither wants nor needs. Yes, I too have fallen prey to this many times. I am now extra careful in these shops. Like a "save my money" vigilante.  

And Little Miss Poppy, youngest family member, is benefiting from some toys too.

But I did get the best ever bargain last winter. A dryer for my laundry - oh happy day. The best ever gift from me to me. Very cheap and in good working order. It honestly changed my life.

My totally unnecessary new bargains are a set of small ceramic hair rollers which you heat then use. I have yet to use them. Plus a pedal thing. I'm at my computer a lot, and I figured that having this close by, I could just have "pedal breaks" for a few minutes to keep the circulation going in my legs, and also have a sitting pause.

So what on earth is a sitting pause? Well, it's my expression, but it means that every twenty to thirty minutes of sitting, you stop and "fidget" - like the aforementioned pedaler, or do a seated twist on your chair, shake your hands and arms. Stand up and stretch, do squats - whatever. But basically it's some sort of movement, and doesn't even have to be strenuous. And doing these sort of things, helps waylay the devastating effects of prolonged sitting.

Because apparently, sitting is the new smoking. 

I usually only have a nosey around the local op-shops and hospice shops if I'm doing a small drop off. I have had some gems over the years. Like: 

  • an small antique (not vintage) embroidered velvet evening bag - gosh I so wish that I still had it; it was exquisite. 
  • unopened skin care like Clarins samples. They were such a good find.
  • the two best tees. Ever. One was a Paula Ryan black tee. $2. Paula Ryan is the New Zealand Gucci/Chanel/etc line.I wore it every other day for years, until it literally fell apart. I still have the light woollen black Armani tee, which again, is years old and in great condition. Quality really does make a difference.
  • books that I have loved and cherished. Any I fall out of love with - off they go to the op-shop.
  • random bits of antique crockery. Which I love. Always rather small which reminds me of how big how portions have now become. 
  • beautiful antique cloths for trays and tables. Wish I had kept those too.
  • dumbells and other light gym stuff. 
  • a black woollen winter coat which I have worn for over six years. 
  • an entire dvd set of the original Star Trek tv series. That was a real find, and obviously pre-Netflix.

Recently, a friend gave me an expensive silver watch which she got from an inner city hospice shop. I was really happy about this, as I haven't had a watch for years, and I do find them useful.

How does this fit in with the four pillars of health? For me, it's about mental health, living within my means. This in turn saves me  anguish. And it's also about the connection to Mother Earth, by not wasting her resources. This really matters to me.

After all, pillars cannot exist without a foundation to stand upon. And She is our foundation. 

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  1. I loved reading this! As you know, I love charity shopping and the fact that I don't always find something makes the times I do even more thrilling. Often it is discovering those little things, like your clothes dryer, that really do make your day.
    I love how my wardrobe and home are constantly envolving every time I come home. xxx

  2. So do I love your wardrobe changes, Vix. Honestly, yours is the most fabulous "fashion" blog site, ever. I do have to watch myself at charity shops though. My home is just too small to have all of the vintage and antique pieces that I would love to have.

  3. Wonderful post. I had to stop going to thrift stores unless I am looking for a specific item because I was buying too many cute/pretty things and cluttering up my house! I have been donating to them, instead. :)

    1. Am chuckling reading this, Bless. That has often happened to me too


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