Global Unity and Earth Elders


 OMG. I've been recommended then invited as a presenter, for something that I truly am quite excited about. 

Global Unity and Earth Elders. Wowsers. Me. 

So why? After walking away from public life some years ago?

I hadn't intended to accept, but they kept asking. For whatever reason. It might have been my yoga/spirituality blog. Or not enough presenters at the time. Who knows. But ultimately, I accepted because It Just felt Right. It might just be a oncer, I don't know. 

My background for the weird and wonderful:

The thing is, we go through life accumulating. And in my life, it was mostly knowledge on:

** how to teach yoga

** the very deep spirituality of yoga. I am quite different with what I say here, as my knowledge is from my own experiences, rather than from books, or the dogma of a yoga organisation. Frankly, I'm appalled at some of the rubbish out there, masquerading as Truth.

** energy healing. There are many ways to do this sort of healing. I used to teach this in weekend seminars. Again, most of what I know is from what transpired in healings, over and over. 

**  Maori healing. There is still a lot that I don't know, but my goodness, so much that I learnt. 

** Maori deep spirituality. Ten years of study. 

** realms. Sounds a bit "off the wall", but yes, I know a lot about differing co-existing realms. 

** past life cultures, from taking people through regression, since mid 1990s.

** karma, death, rebirth. Again from the regressions.

So, I'll be using some of my knowledge. I'm talking about our Life Path. Problems that keep arising in our life. Karma - and this definitely is not what people think. It's just a short talk, but you are welcome to listen to me, or someone else. 

The link and info is on this following poster

 Oh, it's fuzzy. (Sad, old, outdated computer) Earth Elders on facebook, click soon to join the site. 

Sunday 6th February, at 2.30 if you'd like to watch/listen to more. Some people will be doing an event. I shan't be, as in my country it just wouldn't work out, due to covid restrictions. 

I'm on from 4.30 to 5.10pm.

** link to my yoga/spirituality blog, here


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