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A very old photo - left to right, myself with my eldest, Nanna, Granddad, Dad. Four generations. At a family gathering at Nanna's. She did such amazing family get-togethers, at Christmas, and regularly throughout the year, incorporating several birthdays at a time.

Another "what the heck!?" week

Something indefinable happened to my knee. I honestly just turned and took one step, and wow! the pain. Could barely stand on day one. Luckily my bathroom is right next to my bedroom...... On day two, I could move a bit more, holding onto the walls, and trying not to whimper too much. I whimpered a lot in those first two days. 

I created a wall clutching, then hopping, then staggering, and now walking, circuit: bed; bathroom; kitchen; bed. My flat is just a one bedroomed one, so it's not too big. Each day is quite an improvement. But, if it isn't all right by next week, then I'll be off to my Doctor to get referred to Accident Compensation for physiotherapy.

My wonderful Grandfather

Honestly I can't mention Accident Compensation without also mentioning Granddad. Laurence Bates Inch. Granddad was a barrister, writer, poet, and had also been a journalist for twenty years, during and after The Great Depression. Obviously there hadn't been much work for legal services during those years. When he retired from law, the Government of the time, asked him to set up a no-fault, accident compensation scheme, which has become one of the backbones of our health system. I'm pretty sure that it came into being via an Act of Parliament, in 1972. Although it's background began about 1967. Amazingly, to date, I've never received ACC help.

Two special events

So, it's Mothers Day this weekend, in Aotearoa (New Zealand). As a Mum, and a Granny, I'm so proud of my two daughters and granddaughter, they are wonderful, deeply caring, mothers. 

The other special event coming soon, is my eldest granddaughter's birthday. We've had quite a few of our family having birthdays, recently. It's such a big thing that happens, having a grandchild. She's in her thirties, but I still remember the first time that I saw her, held her, gazed with awe and deep love. Feeling that we were part of each other. And I also remember how worried that I was about her birth. Would she be ok? (baby was, she handled it fine) Would my daughter manage it ok? (of course she did) Honestly, those sensations have never left me, with each new addition to my family. I think that it's genetic neurosis, as my Mum was like that too. My eldest daughter and I, have often dreamt about the new littlies, before conception. Such is the Magic of Family.

When my grandson got married recently, I had covid, so of course couldn't go (he and his wife thanked me for not going, chuckle). I was really upset to have missed it though. Our family, friendships, dreams and schemes have taken such a big pause over the past two years. 

My little life.

And with covid still being a big reality, I confess that I am, at present, uninterested in travel. Not even around our lovely country, Aotearoa (New Zealand).  My life has become rather small, which for me, is fine for now.

The big thing at the moment is re-establishing my everyday life, to reflect this current smallness. In a way which is more meaningful for me. I actually strongly believe that our daily life is like the backbone of our life. Keep it strong, update it as needed, and it creates an important thread of a life that matters for us. I'm still at the pondering stage of exactly what to do. 

I really want some changes. But, of course, being Moi - I'm not yet sure what they will be. 

Any ideas?

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  1. What a hero your granddad was. I had no idea that you had to pay for healthcare in NZ!
    I hope our knee heals soon and you enjoy Mother's Day. We have Mothering Sunday in the UK, it's a relgious festival linked with Easter. xxx

    1. Accident Compensation is free, plus it covers if you can't work due to an injury, so it's great. We pay Doctors, but if you're registered as a patient, the cost is very low. If you're not registered, wow, it's expensive. Emergency doctor's clinics are, yes, expensive. Other Doctors close in the weekend. Accident and Emergency at the hospital is free, as are other hospital services. However, lots of people do prefer to have expensive private health insurance and go to hospital at the private clinics. (not me)

  2. How is your knee now? Hope it is better.

    1. Thanks, Bless. Yes, it is. A friend organised a distant healing session, and I did the rest of the healing.


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