Spring Chic Files

Proof that I may not actually have a life: I have "correctly" folded and organised my scarves, shawls, and summer ponchos. 

It's arrived! Finally - spring seems to be here

I don't know why, but it has been rather late this year. Or maybe I just think that because I live in a hilly, windy, colder area. I can go to the next suburb where it's flat, and it's calm and warm.

Spring brings a new attitude

I am using the new weather to revive spirits after a rather long Auckland lockdown. It's still happening, but somehow spring makes it easier.

That saying "a spring in your step" rings so true at this time of year. A bounce in one's walk. Wanting to move the body. And for me, I always feel that spring is a time of new beginnings. I also call it the "hope" season. Somehow, for me, the hope sensation seems to emerge from within, each spring. I'm sure that I'm not alone with this.

and a change of diet

I always want to change my diet each spring. Cold and raw food in winter is anathema to me, just unpalatable. But in spring? Bring out the yoghurt, nuts, seeds, raw fruit and salads. Retire the porridge. Spring food always seems more chic to me.

spring dressing is fun, even in lockdown

I've been spending two days getting out my spring and summer clothes. Working out what I need to fill the gaps. Although at this stage I can't actually go shopping, and on-line buying doesn't appeal. But I'll be ready with my wee list for when lockdown lifts... at least, I think that I will be ready.... In the meantime, I raided the box of clothing that I had ready to go to the op shops. 

In spring I still keep my jumpers and thick coats ready for when I might go up in the Waitakere Ranges one cold evening. (as if, at the moment - it's still lockdown) But generally, I have light, long sleeve merino jumpers and long sleeved tees to wear under longish summer tops, as a transition between the cold and hot seasons. Or a summer top and a small cardi. With tights or jeans. Ballet shoes or jandals (flip flops). New Zealand (Aotearoa) is honestly The Land Of The Jandal or slip-on.

le uniform

I realised a long time ago, that the women whose style I most admired, each had a "uniform". A way of dressing. I've decided to slowly work my way towards what and how I'd like to wear on an every day level. For my own uniform. 

I think that it helps to know:

  • What you actually do like. I like tights or jeans with long jumpers or tees. Year round. And a little jacket - whether it's one of my summer or winter ponchos, second hand black bomber jacket, smallish black cardi, a nice unbuttoned shirt, or a light summer cover like the ones that have been around since the 1970s. I like shawl type wraps as well. I keep all of these top coverings forever, even if I don't use them in a season. I love them.
  • And we do need to which know shapes are more flattering on you. A great piece of advice from a wonderful book from years ago, called Real Beauty by Lorraine Downes, said that basically women fall into two main shapes: curvy, meaning that they have a waist and hips, and maybe a nice bust. And more straight - rectangle or triangle types who have smaller hips and very little waist definition. Us straight types can become more apple shaped with weight gain (sigh). Curvy types look better with clothes that have, yes, you guessed it - curves. And the straightees, if we have put on weight, we become apples. We do not suit curvy clothes. Spare me from all of those well meaning women who have tried to put me into flowing tops, ruffled even. I look horrible in them. And feel even more horrible inside. Lorraine suggested more straightish shapes for us.
  • It helps to have a basic colour for our wardrobe. I still believe that Black Is The New Black, but you might like navy, greys, browns, olive. 
  • And then your fave colours to add le chic factor.
What is your personal style?
I like simplicity, and having just a few guidelines for clothing really suits me. It makes it easier for me to be a wee bit chic. I live a casual life in a casual country, and I think that I dress somewhat casually. But I do often seem to be a bit overdressed. I think that's just me being me. With my slightly overdone casual style. I recall going to a lecture wearing "denim" jeggings, a light merino plain royal blue jumper, a brightly coloured scarf, and ballet shoes. I was so overdressed that I looked as though I was going somewhere posh. I had thought that I was casual. But obviously not. 

We each have a personal style. Whether we think about it or not. It does my head in with the ways of figuring out one's style, such as are you: romantic? city chic? natural? classic? The list goes on..... So I ignore them. I think it's better to figure out what you like, and what looks good on you, and suits your own life.

Any more chic hints? I'm always interested......

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  1. Definitely must be spring! I've been thinking about my clothes as well. I'm with you on all the different names for "your style" and just call myself Good Casual (in my head, that differentiates me from Sporty). I've also reached a stage where I only wear what I like and feel comfortable in, and never worry about being under/over dressed. I'm just ME :)
    Hopefully Auckland exits lockdown soon, it has been a long time - much longer than us here, and I have found ours irksome enough.
    Have a fun day :) xx

    1. Irksome is a great way to describe lockdowns. Good Casual - I like it. And I also like living in a country where we don't have to be overdressed.

  2. You are going into spring; we are in autumn, going into winter! I tend to have a year-round wardrobe, but, I layer up around this time of the year. The mornings and evenings tend to be cool (cold for me), afternoons are warmer. Enjoy your spring!

    1. We actually kind of didn't get a proper spring. It rained, and stormed, and was cold. Most of the time. But suddenly it's early summer here - hooray.

  3. I'm the same way when spring comes here too! I love fresh fruit and salads! But in the winter they are so hard to eat. Give me the warm comfort food, haha!

    1. I know!!! I truly do not understand the salad in cold weather thing

  4. My scarves don't look that organised! I try but they always end up a bit jumbled at the end of scarf season!

    I like your thoughts too, I have such a hard time labelling my style. I think finding out what we like and embracing that no matter the labels is definitely the way to do it! I love kimonos and maxi skirts and bright accessories and I've never found a good way to describe all that, haha!

    Hope that you are having a good weekend :) We are enjoying the sunny days after a rainy and stormy week! Fingers crossed lockdown ends soon for you.

    Away From The Blue

    1. I love those kimonos on you. Sadly they do not suit me.


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