That was a busy week, that was

Starting with "a day at home", for a tiny person

I looked after youngest moko (grandchild), a wee tot who had picked up the latest bug which is "doing the rounds". Not quite the flu, but not nice, either. So, day care was not an option, and Mum had to work, so that left me. Lucky me, grandchildren are such a treasure. She didn't want to go to Ganny's, just wanted to potter at home. It's so cute watching a 27 months old little girl "potter" with her special "stuff". Like her treasured tiny beach bucket of coins. Snuggly bed covers being trailed around the house. Her tiny ceramic mushroom family. All treasures. 

Her treasures at my home are a tad different. She gets to wear a bindi, pink and bejewelled. Of course. Play with crystals. Special cards which wee poppet thinks are like Ganny's tarots, but actually are from yoga scriptures. My favourite black jet mala, carefully hidden from my sight in her secret cupboard. And she wanted all of the others too.... (Grandparents are such pushovers)

A day in blogland

I have at least one blog day each week. Often it's writing and transferring to social media, but sometimes it's just connecting with my blogger "friends", Enjoyable. I was thrilled to see that I had again been featured on a blog. this time an American one. Always a big surprise. Rather disappointingly, I had to halt all blog "stuff" for a few weeks as I got The Flu, and was just not up to anything.

No escaping the "bugs" that were doing the rounds. Sigh  

So I cancelled a few week's appointments, as I came down with little one's bug. (sigh) Cue lots of snoozing, sneezing, and tissues. I'm quite prone to lung problems. Very ironic seeing as I've taught yoga most of my life.

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Online festival time came around, again

The theme being Unity. I have been thinking a lot about this. I didn't want to go on and on about global unity.... because of what's happening, world wise. That just would have been too crass. So I gave a technique for coming to terms with things that have impacted us negatively, and a beautiful meditation to soothe our heart. All very simple, and do-able. I'm Heavily Into simple and easy.

Plus, most of what I teach, is not found in books. So, it's all unique to me and my personal journey. And, I'm really keen to make things okay for anyone to do. We all need a bit of help, in life.

I definitely am interested in any feedback from any of the talks, meditations, or blog posts xxxx


Link to my talks and meditations on Earth Elders: here.  Click "join" if you haven't already, then click the search icon, and enter "Ratnamurti Saraswati". 

Link to Global Unity Festivals on you tube, here. I'm in the Wave 1, Asia/Pacific episodes.

Link to a post explaining Global Unity Festivals, here 

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  1. I hope you have fully recovered from The Flu now and have no lasting effects from it. Hugz, Mxx

    1. It was so full on. Hot on the heels of having covid. Clearly the stars have not been positively aligned, for me........

  2. Glad you're feeling better now; seems like kids are always so eager to snuggle and share germs when they are sick and who can resist those cute little faces?! I'm sure your family was so thankful for your help.

    1. So true Joanne. So true. Grandchildren are definitely cuteness overload

  3. I hope you are feeling better. Grandchildren are a treasure. Well, kids in general are a treasure and can teach us so much.
    P.S. I started to teach yoga classes myself not too long ago.

    1. Good on you. It's such a lovely thing to do, very rewarding.


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